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Fate/Grand Order Raid Spawns Already Defeated

Fate/Grand Order Raid Spawns Already Defeated

Fans of Type-Moon and Lasengle’s popular Japanese mobile game Fate/Grand Order have been patiently awaiting the long-anticipated Tunguska event, and more specifically, its raids. However, on the night of December 22, 2023, players logged on to find the raids already defeated.

For currently unknown reasons, the first raid of the event against Ivan the Terrible launched already defeated, with only his post-defeat story quest being available. This has confused players who had been eagerly awaiting this fight since it debuted in the JP version of the game.

The Tunguska raid event of Fate/Grand Order was set to be a special occasion where players could grind thousands of bond points within a single battle, due to a combination of special event Craft Essences and a new bond point-increasing tea pot.

Before the raid had even begun (or rather didn’t begin) the game even had a special gacha banner filled with these bond-increasing Craft Essences, players who rolled this banner specifically for extra raid rewards are especially upset over the early destruction of Ivan.

Fate/Grand Order Raid Spawns Already Defeated
Screenshot by Raider King

To make the situation even worse, Fate/Grand Order as a game has on average a single raid event per year. While 2023 may have been an outlier by having two a year due the the Gudaguda 5 raid rerun, losing one of their few raid events has upset Fate fans even more.

On social media platforms such as Twitter, official accounts related to Fate/Grand Order are filled with dozens of replies demanding the game either enter a rollback state before the raid began or for Lasengle to compensate players for this error.

At this time, neither Lasengle nor Aniplex USA has given any official announcement about the current state of the Tunguska raids or if the players will receive any compensation for this error.

Fate/Grand Order is currently available to download for Android and IOS mobile devices.

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