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EA Releases NHL 24 Gameplay Trailer

EA Releases NHL 24 Gameplay Trailer

Sports fans, rejoice! Electronic Arts has announced the newest installment in their yearly NHL series of hockey video games: NHL 24. In a gameplay trailer uploaded to Electronic Arts’ YouTube channel, they highlight the game’s Exhaust Engine which shortens the game’s wait times and forces players to make quick decisions about their puck direction.

The game also features a pressure gauge and goalie fatigue system to wear down your opponents from all directions and attack the net. This new system adds over 50 new animations to the game as the goalie gets more exhausted and thus makes more mistakes.

Another highlight of the feature is the game’s Physics Based Contact feature, if the player lands a large check on an opponent they will take a longer amount of time to rejoin the game, however, if the player misses they themselves will be left open, giving the system a large risk-reward factor. This new system will feature many new animations for checking compared to previous entries.

The game will also be introducing a new meta that adds dedicated reverse body check control that allows the player to protect the puck with their body, even allowing them to knock opponents into the glass! Players who prefer legacy controls however will be able to opt out of this option.

Another new feature in the game is the new Vision Passing System, which allows players to map their teammates to the face buttons of their controlling, allowing them to quickly pass the puck around the ring with the single push of a button.

NHL 24 releases worldwide on October 6th and features Cale Maker as the cover athlete. Pre-orders for the Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation versions of NHL 24 are currently available on EA’s website.

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