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Digimon World: Next Order – ExE Evolution List

Digimon World Next Order - ExE Evolution List

When Digimon World Next Order starts, the first thing you see is the cool ExE combination between your two partners. However, after many hours in-game, you still haven’t done an ExE evolution. Maybe your Digimon don’t match? Or maybe you just don’t know the exact combination. What is clear is that you will need some help to get the job done. We have compiled a list, worked on by the fan community, which shows every ExE evolution that you can get, and a lot of possible combinations to get them, in Digimon World Next Order.

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All ExE Evolutions in Digimon World: Next Order

There are 11 ExE Digimon in Digimon World Next Order. You can usually figure out which ones are ExE evolutions if their level is Mega written in yellow.

Here is a list of all the ExE evolutions in Digimon World Next Order, along with all the Digimon you can combine to get them:

ExE EvolutionPartners
OmegamonMagnaAngemon + MetalGreymon (Blue)
MarineAngemon + Examon
Piedmon + Angewomon
Piedmon + Magna
AngemonOphanimon + Seraphimon
Angewomon + Mastermon
Phoenixmon + MarineAngemon
Phoenixmon + Metalseadramon
Cherubimon + MarineAngemon
Dianamon + Gankoomon
MetalSeadramon + HerculesKabuterimon
Omegamon ZwartMarineAngemon + Piedmon
Dynasmon + Piedmon
Dynasmon + Beelzemon
ChaosGallantmon + Dynasmon
Sakuyamon + MirageGaogamon
ArmageddemonMirageGaogamon + Rapidmon
BanchoLeomon + WarGrowlmon (Orange)
SusanoomonMarineAngemon + MirageGaogamon
MirageGaogamon + MetalSeadramon
MirageGaogamon + Vikemon
Vikemon + Crusadermon
MetalGreymon (Blue) + Gallantmon
Examon + Phoenixmon
HerculesKabuterimon + Phoenixmon
Antylamon + MarineAngemon
Ophanimon + OmniShoutmon
Imperialdramon FMAeroVeedramon + MirageGaogamon
BanchoLeomon + Examon
Boltmon + Phoenixmon
Cherubimon + Phoenixmon
Cherubimon + Arresterdramon
Examon + Gallentmon
MirageGaogamon + MirageGaogamon
Magnamon + Minervamon
Phoenixmon + MirageGaogamon
Cherubimon + AeroVeedramon
HerculesKabuterimon + Turuiemon
Imperialdramon PMKentaurosmon + Ophanimon
Seraphimon + MirageGaogamon
Kentaurosmon + WereGarurumon
Magnadramon + MirageGaogamon
Gallantmon + Kentaurosmon
Cherubimon + Minervamon
Boltmon + HerculesKabuterimon
Jesmon + Seraphimon
Cherubimon + Magnadramon
Seraphimon + Ophanimon
Rosemon BMSakuyamon + Gankoomon
Sakuyamon + AeroVeedramon
Lilymon + GranKuwagamon
Ophanimon + Meteormon
MarineAngemon + Taomon (Silver)
Angewomon + Sakuyamon
Rosemon + Dynasmon
Rosemon + Gallantmon
Rosemon + MagnaAngemon
Rosemon + Phoenixmon
Rosemon + Seraphimon
Rosemon + Shinegreymon
Vikemon + GranKuwagamon
Vikemon + Kabuterimon
ShineGreymon BMJustimon + HerculesKabuterimon
MegaGargomon + HerculesKabuterimon
DarkDramon + Dynasmon
Cherubimon + Rapidmon
MagnaGarurumon + ShineGreymon
MegaGargomon + Seraphimon
Gallantmon CMBoltmon + Gankoomon
Examon + Gankoomon
Gankoomon + BanchoLeomon
GrapLeomon + Dynasmon
MirageGaogamon + MetalGreymon (Blue)
WarGreymon + HerculesKabuterimon
WarGreymon + Phoenixmon
Phoenixmon + Dynasmon
Phoenixmon + Gankoomon
WarGreymon + BanchoLeomon
WarGrowlmon + Dynasmon
Belphemon RMLilithmon + Magnamon
Beelzemon + UlforceVeedramon
BlackWarGreymon + WereGarurumon (Black)
ChaosGallantmon + Garudamon
ChaosGallantmon + Phoenixmon
ChaosmonChaosGallantmon + BanchoLeomon
ChaosGallantmon + MirageGaogamon
ChaosGallantmon + Boltmon
Piedmon + Darkdramon
Piedmon + Rapidmon
Piedmon + MagnaGarurumon

Unfortunately, we are sure that these are not all the possible ExE evolutions in Digimon World Next Order. So, if you know any combinations that we have missed, make sure to leave a comment below. We will make sure to update the list and add every possible partner.

And that is all you need to know about every ExE evolution in Digimon World. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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MarineAngemon + Examon will give you Omegamon.

I didn’t even know this was a mechanic until it just happened. Pretty cool as it saved me from losing to Vikemon who I’ve lost to a bunch lol.


MirageGaogamon + Vikemon gave me Susanoomon


Piedmon + MagnaGarurumon = Chaosmon
Vikemon + GranKuwagamon = Rosemon BM

Last edited 1 year ago by Gunther

HerculesKabuterimon + Phoenixmon = Susanoomon


ChaosGallantmon + Garudamon = Belphemon RM


Wargreymon + Phoenixmon = Gallantmon CM
Boltmon + Phoenixmonmon = Imperialdramon FM


ChaosGallantmon + Boltmon = Chaosmon


Phoenixmon + Metalseadramon = Omegamon

Lobeth MillerD

Rosemon + Dynasmon = Rosemon BM


Dianamon + Gankoomon = Omegamon

Jessica Livingstone

I was able to get Rosemon BM using Vikemon + Kabuterimon


HerculesKabuterimon + Turuiemon will give you Imperialdramon FM


Examon + Gallentmon = imperialdramon fm


Boltmon + Gankoomon gave me Gallantmon CM


I managed to get Chaosmon with Piedmon + Darkdramon too, just to add to this. I’m surprised that there are that many combinations

Last edited 9 months ago by locot

Sakuyamon and miragegaogamon gave me Omegamon Zwart


Rosemon + MagnaAngemon = Rosemon BM
Saved me from Vikemon too lol


Magnamon + Minervamon = Imperialdramon FM


Angewomon + Mastermon gives you Omegamon too.


ChaosGallantmon + Phoenixmon = Belphemon RM