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Digimon World: Next Order – Where to Find Salty Fruit

Digimon World Next Order - Where to Find Salty Fruit

One of the first quests you get in Digimon World Next Order will require you to get your hands on Salty Fruit. Though it might sound like an easy task, this fruit is very rare and can only be found in one location as a beginner. If you stray too far you might not find it for quite a while, leaving an easy quest unfulfilled. Luckily, we know exactly where you might find some Salty Fruit in Digimon World Next Order, and you won’t even have to walk that far.

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Salty Fruit Locations in Digimon World: Next Order

The Salty Fruit in Digimon World has a very simple location that players will gain access to from the start of the game.

You can find the Salty Fruit in the Nigh Plains, at Vast Plateu. This is the first zone next to the village, the one where you learn how to play the game.

Unfortunately, the Salty Fruit randomly spawns on this big map, so you will have to walk around and explore to find it. Luckily, it really stands out, so you should easily see it.

It’s a big, gray cube, as shown in the image at the top of the article. They will usually be standing next to trees, so make sure to look below them. If there is no Salty Fruit to find, make sure to look again a different day. These spawn in each day, giving you a chance to pick up a lot of them.

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Otherwise, you will also be able to find Salty Fruit in other locations on the map of Digimon World Next Order:

  • Nigh Plains
    • Power Plant #1
  • Logic Volcano
    • Fire Circuit
    • Dragon’s Trident
    • Hidden Red House
  • MOD Cape
    • Inlet Cape
    • MOD Ship 3.0
    • Flag MOD Ship
  • Bony Resort
    • Celeb Green Room
    • Pink Stone House Int.
    • Night Church

Of course, in all of these locations, you will also have to look around a bit to find the Salty Fruit.

And that is all you need to know about Salty Fruit locations in Digimon World. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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