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Colony Ship: All Possible Endings

Colony Ship All Possible Endings

Endings in CRPGs are usually the most important part, as they will finally show you what you have been working for so badly. Since CRPGs have less of a focus on graphics and more on choices, most of us expect the endings to properly show that in a way that makes us feel like we’ve had a power over the game’s universe. In Colony Ship there are a lot of choices that players will make and a lot of power plays will take place. In this guide, we will list all the possible major endings in Colony Ship and show you how to get each one of them.

All Endings in Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game

The moment you reach the Bridge in Colony Ship, you will learn that you have reached Proxima Centauri a long time ago. After messing around with the Central Computer, you will have to pass a few checks to unlock a few new possible endings.

Here are all the major storyline endings you can get at the Bridge in Colony Ship:

  • The Ship Remains in Orbit
  • Land the Ship (Brigade Officer + First Daughter Alliance)
  • Land the Lander (Brigade Officer + Unlock Lander)
  • Send the Ship Back to Earth (Brigade Officer)

The end slides of the game will first show you the repercussions of the choice above, and then they will show you what happened to the Habitat, The Pit, The Shuttle Bay, Factory, and The Heart.

The Ship Remains in Orbit Ending

This is the most common ending most players will get. If you reach the Bridge and you leave without trying to use any of the commands on the computer, your only choice will be to help your faction take over the ship and wait in the orbit until you are ready to land.

It doesn’t matter if you chose the Protectors, Church, Brotherhood, or Monks, since you will just help whichever one of them to completely take over the ship and slowly progress towards landing the ship, since Ava has been planning this all along and you can’t do anything to fight her.

Land the Ship Ending (The Promised Land Achievement)

Here are the two things you need to be able to choose this ending:

  • Bridge Officer Implant Upgrade for Neural Uplink Implant.
  • Coup against Great Mother, First Daughter is in charge.

If you didn’t fight one of the hardest battles in the game and defeated the Great Mother in The Heart, then you won’t be able to get the Land the Ship ending in Colony Ship. If you do however meet the requirement then you can talk to the new Great Mother and persuade her with Streetwise/Persuasion 9 to stop the engine.

You will then have to defeat two Monk guards in front of the entrance to the Bridge, and then you can finally land the ship. This is the only other “good” ending, along with the first one, since this is the only one where you don’t follow the whims of Ava.

Land the Lander Ending (I’m Outta Here Achievement)

Here is all you need to get the Land the Lander Ending in Colony Ship:

  • Bridge Officer Implant Upgrade for Neural Uplink Implant.
  • Reach the Launch Deck in Mission Control and unlock the Lander.

If you managed to reach the end of Mission Control and opened up the Lander using either your Computers skill or Faythe’s card, then you can take down the Lander with all your companions and start colonizing first.

This is one of the easiest endings to get, since you just need to explore Mission Control properly and get the implant upgrade, which is required for most of the endings. Unfortunately though, this is the “worst” ending, since you have abandoned everyone on the ship, so you won’t get a lot of slides about what happened up there.

Return to Earth Ending (Return to Sender Achievement)

This is the hardest ending to get in Colony Ship, which will require you to defeat all the leaders of the Monks. You can get this ending if you have the Bridge Officer implant upgrade. Just select the “Send the Ship back to Earth” option at the computer and face the music.

You will have to fight Ava, two Monk Guards, Zeta, and Azrael. If you defeated Azrael earlier in the story, then you have made this fight a lot easier. Either way, there is no harder fight in the game and you have doomed everyone on the ship.

This is the best ending for people that want to win the hardest battle Iron Tower Studio has to offer.

And that is all you need to know about all the endings in Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game. Check out other interesting Colony Ship guides and articles:

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