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Colony Ship: “The Last Lawman” Guide (Repair the Robot, Location)

Colony Ship The Last Lawman Guide (Repair the Robot Location)

Quests in Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game are relatively straightforward. You head to point A, defeat someone or talk them into giving you what you want, and then you go back to point B to get the quest reward. However, there are moments where you might randomly start quests by picking up items, realizing you now have something new to do. The Last Lawman quest is one of these, as you have likely picked up random pieces of machinery around Mission Control and have realized that you now have to repair a robot. In this guide we will walk you through The Last Lawman quest in Colony Ship by showing you where to find the robot, the location of all the parts, and how to repair it.

Where to Find the Robot for the Last Lawman in Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game

There are 5 levels to the Mission Control map that players will have to explore to reach the robot in Colony Ship. On level 4 of Mission Control, called the Operations, players will find an elevator surrounded by a barrier and a few Scavs, with Hargrave leading them.

This individual will promise to give you a lot of money if you manage to remove the barrier. Luckily, this is exactly what you also want to do, since the elevator leads down to the robot.

So, find a way past the Mind Worms to the southeast and then go back to receive the codes from Hargrave. Go back to the east and use the console to open the magnetic door to the west.

Once inside there, you will need either Electronics or Computers 4 to remove the barrier, and you will then have to either defeat Hargrave and his goons, persuade them to leave, or sneak past them.

We recommend persuading him to give you his Annihilator, even if you want to fight him. You can then attack him and he won’t have an extremely powerful energy weapon to destroy you.

Take the elevator down and you will find the robot ROMEO to the southeast.

Where to Find All Replacement Parts for ROMEO and Complete The Last Lawman Quest in Colony Ship

There are 4 things you will need to find to fix ROMEO the robot in Colony Ship:

  • Gyroscope – extracted from a broken robot in the third level of Mission Control (Admin Center) with Electronics 3 (can be only accessed through going down an opening in western corner of Level 3 – Operations Management and taking the elevator up).
  • Robot Head – extracted from a broken robot in the third level of Mission Control (Admin Center) with Computers 3 (can be only accessed through a hole in Level 5 – Security Quarters by climbing upwards).
  • Light Armor Plates – found in the high-security vault in the fifth level of Mission Control (down the hole next to the elevator used to get the Gyroscope).
  • Heavy Power Cell – gained later in the game.

You can get the first three items in chapter 1 of Colony Ship and get to talk a bit with ROMEO, but you can’t activate him until you leave The Pit and come back later with the Heavy Power Cell.

And that is all you need to know about how to repair the robot in Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game. Check out other interesting Colony Ship guides and articles:

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