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Colony Ship: Side with Braxton or Jonas? Choice Repercussions

Colony Ship Side with Braxton or Jonas Choice Repercussions

Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game will make the player experience some situations where they have to decide who they want to help based on almost no information. When you start your journey in Colony Ship, you will help out a potential companion, Evans, to fend off some thugs sent by Jonas to get some extra taxes. During this conflict, you are very likely to be asked by Braxton to help him take down Jonas. However, you have no idea who will do a better job leading The Pit. We already know the place is in a horrible state with Jonas leading it, but will your help be enough to fix everything? In this guide we will tell you what happens if you side with Braxton or Jonas in Colony Ship and who is the better choice to lead The Pit.

Braxton or Jonas in Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game

What players can gather from the situation at the moment in The Pit is that Jonas built everything here but he doesn’t have the mind or the support to make this location in the Colony Ship any better.

Braxton, however, seems to be a militant that will likely rule with an iron fist, as opposed to the relatively relaxed way Jonas rules The Pit.

In terms of difficulty, it is much easier to side with Jonas than with Braxton, since you don’t actually have to end Braxton yourself. You can just defeat reinforcements using either your Computers or Persuasion skills and come back to learn that Jonas won the battle.

On Braxton side you will have to deal with harder battles but you will get better loot from the encounters. Also, if you side with Braxton, you can choose to betray him after you get rid of Jason and help Mercy, if she also joined the rebellion.

This means that you can actually get either Braxton, Jonas, or Mercy to rule The Pit in Colony Ship.

Long Term Choice Repercussions

In terms of leadership and what follows after you finish the battle, Jonas continues being a bad leader that goes with the flow, who will just give up against anyone trying to bring The Pit down. Jonas doesn’t have any real affiliation towards any of the large factions.

In future battles, Jonas will be able to help you only if you made sure he has the right people serving him. This means that, unless you make sure Jonas has a strong hold over The Pit, you won’t get any help from him in the future and he will continue to be annoying.

Braxton will rule The Pit with an iron fist and will do everything in his power to make the Protectors of the Mission gain control of this location. In the future he will support any decision where you want to make The Pit slowly get under the Protectors.

However, even if you might not want the Protectors to take over, Braxton and his Regulators will help you in future battles, as long as you aren’t fighting his friends.

Mercy, as you might expect, will just want to build a lot of churches and will love to follow the guidance of the Church of the Elect. She might be the most unhinged out of the bunch.

So, to make everything easier to understand, here is what you choose for each of the possible leaders of The Pit in Colony Ship:

  • Jason – Independence
  • Braxton – Protectors
  • Mercy – Church

Though those are their preferences, you can always convince them to join the faction you choose if you have really good Persuasion/Streetwise, or just take over The Pit aggressively.

Best Choice

If you want things to stay the same then Jonas is the best choice to lead The Pit in Colony Ship. However, if you want the best loot then siding with Mercy is the best option, since you get to defeat both Jonas and Braxton.

And that is all you need to know about who to choose between Braxton, Jonas, or Mercy in Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game. Check out other interesting Colony Ship guides and articles:

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