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Baldur’s Gate 3: Mountain Pass Map – Rosymorn Monastery, Creche Y’llek

Baldur’s Gate 3 Mountain Pass Map - Rosymorn Monastery and Creche Y’llek

The Mountain Pass might seem huge when you first enter it in Baldur’s Gate 3, but it is actually one of the smallest regions in the game. With only two or three special locations on the map, you should easily find your way through this region without any problems. However, it can be quite useful to have a map to follow before you actually see each little space of the region yourself. In this guide, we will show you the map of the Mountain Pass in Baldur’s Gate 3, give you some pointers on interesting locations in the region, and also show you the map of the Githyanki Creche Y’llek, helping also find the Blood of Lathander legendary weapon.

Mountain Pass Map in BG3 – Rosymorn Monastery Trail

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Here is the in-game map of the Mountain Pass Rosymorn Monastery Trail in BG3. You can find details about what Custom Marker represents down below:

Baldur’s Gate 3 Mountain Pass Map - Rosymorn Monastery
Screenshot by Raider King
  • Lady Esther – a bit to the northeast of the Trielta Crags Waypoint, players can meet the eccentric Lady Esther, who will task them with stealing a Githyanki Egg.
  • Elminster Aumar – to the West of the Trielta Crags Waypoint, you can find an extremely powerful wizard looking for Gale. To reach him, you will have to pass a few very powerful level 6 Death Shepards and Ghouls.
  • The Shadow-Cursed Lands – to the North of Elminster, players can find the entrance to the Shadow-Cursed Lands, the start of Act 2. Make sure to avoid entering this place until you finish everything in the Mountain Pass, Underdark, and Grymforge.
  • Blue Jay – to the West of the “Blue Jay’s Find,” you can meet a Blue Jay who has lost their nest and will ask you to help them take it back. If you do help them, you can learn of a buried treasure at the Blue Jay’s Find location.
  • Rosymorn Monastery – the Rosymorn Monastery will be full of drunk Kobolds, which you can easily defeat. If you explore the 2nd floor of the building, you can find the Dawnmaster puzzle and get the Dawmaster’s Crest item, useful in getting the Blood of Lathander.
  • Creche Y’llek Entrance – there are two ways to get into the Creche Y’llek, one through the door shown on the map and one through a hidden entrance to the south, hanging off the cliff of the Rosymorn Monastery.

Mountain Pass Map in BG3 – Creche Y’llek

Here is the in-game map of the Mountain Pass Creche Y’llek in BG3. You can find details about what Custom Marker represents down below:

Baldur's Gate 3 Creche Y'llek Map
Screenshot by Raider King
  • Infirmary – you can meet Ghustil Stornugoss in the far western end of the Infirmary, where she can put you inside the Zaith’isk to extract the tadpole.
  • A’jak’nir Jeera – merchant to the south of the Creche Y’llek Waypoint that can sell you really good items.
  • Classroom – you can save a trainee from their trainer here and get to learn a bit about Orpheus.
  • Hatchery – a big room full of Acid pools and traps that holds a single Githyanky Egg. You can get it without getting hurt by passing an Ability Check while talking to Varsh Ko’kuu.
  • Captain’s Quarters – show the Artifact to gain access to the Inquisitor without fighting.
  • Inquisitor’s Chamber – the room to the North where you can find the Inquisitor.
  • Secret Chamber – to the West of the Inquisitor’s Chamber you will have to solve a stuck statue puzzle to reach the Blood of Lathander.

And that is all you need to know about the Mountain Pass map in Baldur’s Gate 3. Check out other interesting BG3 guides and articles:

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