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Baldur’s Gate 3: Take Zaith’isk Power – Awakened and Debuff

Baldur’s Gate 3 Take Zaith'isk Power - Awakened and Debuff

Baldur’s Gate 3 is full of characters that act like they want to help you just to stab you in the back when you least expect it. The Creche Y’llek in the Mountain Pass is full of angry Githyanki that seem to only want to exterminate you from this world. However, Lae’zel keeps insisting that once you reach the Creche you will finally get rid of the tadpole and go back to your normal lives. Well, the machine that should cure you is called the Zaith’isk and it looks extremely dangerous. So, in this guide, we will tell you exactly what happens if you use the Zaith’isk in Baldur’s Gate 3, if you or Lae’zel should use it, and what permanent bonuses or debuffs you can gain from the experience.

What Happens If You Use the Zaith’isk in BG3

The Zaith’isk that Lae’zel and Ghustil Stornugoss want you to use in BG3 is actually extremely dangerous. If you use it and you fail any of the Saving Throws, you will get a permanent debuff that can only be removed by consuming tadpoles.

There will be three Saving Throws, each one giving you the following debuffs if you fail them, in their respective order:

  1. Weakened Intelligence
  2. Weakened Wisdom
  3. Weakened Constitution

Even if you only fail one check, you will get one of these debuffs on your character. The first check is an Intelligence check, giving you the Weakened Intelligence debuff, and so on.

These debuffs will lower the assigned Ability by 2 points and they will only disappear if you consume a tadpole. However, there is a great reward that you can get if you pass all Saving Throws or Ability Checks.

What Happens If You Take the Zaith’isk Power in BG3

If you pass the first two Saving Throws for the Zaith’isk in BG3, you will get a choice to take its power. There will also be another one or two choices, depending on your class. At this point, it doesn’t matter which choice you make, since the result is the same if you pass them.

If a player passes all three checks for the Zaith’isk in BG3, they will gain the Awakened permanent bonus, which allows them to use their Illithid Powers as Bonus Actions instead of normal Actions.

This can make a character that specializes in Illithid Powers extremely powerful. So, yes, you should use the Zaith’isk in BG3 as long as you make sure that you pass all of the Saving Throws and Ability Checks.

Should You Let Lae’zel Use the Zaith’isk in BG3

If Lae’zel uses the Zaith’isk, the result is exactly the same. However, you will be the one that needs to help her pass the checks. The checks will also be a lot harder, the last Arcana check, for example, needing DC 31 to pass.

When you fail a check, Lae’zel is the one that gets the permanent debuffs. Most players won’t notice this unless they look at her Ability scores. You would think that you would improve your relationship with her better if you let her use the machine, but it is actually the opposite way.

After you tell her to let you use the machine (by telling her that she wouldn’t have found it without your help), she will be surprised by your perseverance as you pass every check.

So, no, you shouldn’t let Lae’zel use the Zaith’isk in BG3, since the checks will become almost impossible and she will get 3 annoying permanent debuffs.

And that is all you need to know about what to do with the Zaith’isk in Baldur’s Gate 3. Check out other interesting BG3 guides and articles:

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