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Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Feats to Choose for Your Class

Baldur's Gate 3 Best Feats to Choose for Your Class

Enhance your character’s prowess in Baldur’s Gate 3 by selecting the best optimal feats tailored to your class. In this article, we delve into the strategic world of character development, guiding you through the best feat choices to amplify your strengths and complement your playstyle. Whether you’re a spellcasting wizard seeking improved arcane mastery or a battle-hardened warrior aiming for greater combat finesse, our insights will help you navigate the intricate feat system. Join us as we unlock the potential of your character and pave the way for a truly formidable adventurer in the captivating realm of Baldur’s Gate 3 by selecting the best feats for your class.

Best Feats in BG3 for All Classes

There are four feats in BG3 that would be good for you, no matter what class you’ve chosen:

  • Ability Improvement
  • Durable
  • Lucky

Ability Improvement will just give 2 Ability points, which you can either put in one Ability or split into two Abilities. This is an incredible feat as you can easily bump those odd Ability numbers to get that +1 modifier. You can also try to get to 20 in one of your Abilities if you combine it with another feat.

Durable gives you +1 Constitution and it helps you regain all your HP from Short Rests. Lucky will add you 3 points which you can use for all your dice rolls to succeed.

Otherwise, what matters when it comes to feats in BG3 isn’t class, but your playstyle. Players can either focus on melee fighting, ranged fighting, or spellcasting.

Best Feats for Melee Fighters in BG3

There are a few combinations of feats for melee fighters in BG3 that any class can use if they want to have amazing synergy:

  • Polearm Master + Savage Attacker + Sentinel
  • Charger + Great Weapon Master + Savage Attacker

Polearm Master will allow you to make Opportunity Attacks against enemies that come into range. Combining it with Sentinel, which gives you an Advantage on Opportunity Attacks and that stops enemies from moving that turn, is extremely powerful.

Savage Attacker can also help a lot, as it will give you two rolls on damage and it will choose the better one.

Charger will allow you to quickly get to your enemies and either deal a lot of damage or push them off ledges. Great Weapon Master will give you an extra attack if you land a critical hit or if you kill an enemy.

If you also have Savage Attacker, you can make sure that your character will always deal the most amount of damage that they can, also helping get more criticals and kills.

Best Feats for Ranged Combat in BG3

Here are the best feats in BG3 for characters that use mainly ranged weapons:

  • Sharpshooter
  • Crossbow Expert

Sharpshooter is a specialized ranged feat that will allow you to ignore High Ground penalties and it will increase damage from ranged weapons you are proficient in by 10. Unfortunately, it will also lower your attack rolls by 5, but this will be worth the extra damage.

Crossbow Expert is the only other specialized ranged feat that players can get that is amazing for Bards. This feat will remove the Disadvantage from melee range crossbow attacks.

Best Feats for Spellcasters in BG3

The best feats for spellcasting classes in BG3 are:

  • Elemental Adept
  • Spell Sniper
  • War Caster

Elemental Adept will allow you to ignore Resistance to one type of elemental damage and it will disallow you from rolling a 1 on those elemental attacks. Luckily, you can actually pick Elemental Adept more than once, allowing you to always have two types of elemental spells that always get through any resistances.

The Spell Sniper feat will make sure that you get criticals with spells easier, as it lowers the critical roll requirement by 1.

The War Caster feat gives you an Advantage on saving throws while concentrating on a spell and you get a free reaction to hit enemies with Shocking Grasp when they leave melee, as an Opportunity Attack.

And that is all you need to know about the best feats to choose in Baldur’s Gate 3. Check out other interesting BG3 guides and articles:

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