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Wartales: Where to Go After Tiltren County

Wartales Where to Go After Tiltren County

Players will start their adventure in Wartales in the county of Tiltren. This region is fraught with problems as you will have to fix the refugee crisis by taking a side. Though Tiltren County can be very entertaining, you might often finish the main quest relatively fast and will want to see a new region. Well, there are only three directions you can go, either west, east, or north. All directions seem weird, as the game doesn’t like to hold your hand and guide you one way or the other. Well, in this guide, we will tell you exactly where to go after finishing the Tiltren County questline in Wartales.

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Where to Go After Tiltren County in Wartales

The best place where you can go after Tiltren in Wartales is the County of Arthes, west of Tiltren. Though the other regions might be an interesting choice, the County of Arthes is completely isolated. There aren’t any other regions neighboring Arthes and you can easily get into the region by getting Border Pass or paying 200 krowns.

Arthes, and the city of Cortina, nicely tie the story with what you know from Tiltren, as you will be heading into the Kingdom of Edoran, where all the refugees are coming from.

One of the only problems with the County of Arthes is that there is no jail in the region, which means that you will have no way to sell your prisoners. If you do get prisoners, you will have to take the journey back to Tiltren.

Also, if you chose Region Locked Exploration Mode, there is nothing to fear, as the first region different from Tiltren that you enter will be the best one to explore next.

And that is all you need to know about where to go after Tiltren in Wartales. Check out other interesting Wartales guides and articles:

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