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Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader – Best Psyker Builds

Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader - Best Psyker Builds

In the Warhammer 40,000 universe, Psykers are the closest thing to mages you can get. With a starting Psy Rating of 0 for the Sanctioned Psyker, most players assume that the main character Psyker is weaker than all of the companions. Well, as it usually is true in most RPGs, the “mage” is usually the weakest starting class that becomes very good close to mid game and the best in the end game. There is nothing cooler than destroying your enemies with magic like a Psyker, and it seems like most WH40k: Rogue Trader players agree. To help you fulfill your demonic fantasies we will present you with three potential Psyker builds that are probably some of the best you can use for this Origin in Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader.

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Best Psyker Builds in Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader

At the start of the character creation, after selecting your Origin, you will need to select which type of Sanctioned Psyker you are in the Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader universe:

  • Biomancer
  • Diviner
  • Pyromancer
  • Sanctic
  • Telepath

Generally, the game makes it seem like you are stuck with one, but you can learn one of the other types of Psyker powers as soon as level 6, which means you aren’t stuck with just one. The only problem is that you “waste” an ability upgrade to unlock the other type of powers.

This is why it might usually be a good idea to extend into other types of Psyker powers, since just some of them might be useful for your build. In this guide we will concentrate on mainly the best builds for the starting Archetypes. Once you get a hang of these, you can easily evolve into any of the Archetypes after level 15.

We didn’t write about the Operative since it doesn’t really have a good combination with any of the Psyker powers. The only one that works in the early levels would be Biomancer, but Biomancer is just generally the best and most balanced Psyker type in Rogue Trader.

Melee Psyker Pyromancer Warrior Build

If you want to be a tank that destroys everyone in close range while burning alive, then the Pyromancer Warrior is the best Psyker build for you in WH40k: Rogue Trader:

  • Homeworld: Death World / Forge World
  • Origin: Sanctioned Psyker – Pyromancer
  • Archetype: Warrior
  • Points: Weapon Skill x2, Toughness x2, Willpower x2

This is all you need to start your Psyker Pyromancer career. The only problem with this build is that it’s a slow burn, and you will likely avoid using Psyker powers until level 8:

  • Level 2 – Carouse
  • Level 4 – Thick Skin
  • Level 5 – Burning Blood, Toughness
  • Level 6 – Orchestrate Flame, Lore (Warp)
  • Level 7 – Strength, Body of Flames
  • Level 8 – Lore (Warp), Relentless Blaze
  • Level 10 – Fires of the Forge (FW Homeworld) / Lifetime of Scars (DW), Strength (FW) / Agility (DW)
  • Level 11 – Firestorm, Psy Rating 1
  • Level 12 – Willpower, Carouse
  • Level 13 – Subtle Manipulation
  • Level 14 – Weapon Skill, Steel of the Forge (FW) / Wounded Beast (DW)

The general strategy for this build is that you will use Ignite on yourself when you are close to the enemies, use Relentless Blaze to never stop the fire, and then spam Firestorm to destroy everyone around you.

The combination between the Pyromancer and Death/Forge World Talents has great synergy as it gives you almost total immunity to fire damage. You can also use the Burning Blood Talent to continuously damage surrounding enemies by constantly using Relentless Blaze every turn.

You will also deal fire damage on all your melee attacks as long as you are burning, allowing you to bypass most types of defenses.

Vanguard Archetype

If you want more help to make an incredibly powerful psyker, here is how you can evolve your pyromancer:

  • Level 17 – Biomancy, Backdraft
  • Level 18 – Biophysical Distortion
  • Level 20 – Strength
  • Level 21 – Weapon Skill, Psy Rating 2
  • Level 22 – Inflame, Lore (Warp)
  • Level 23 – Blade of Light, Heavy Armour Proficiency
  • Level 24 – Toughness, Sanguine Siphon
  • Level 25 – Renitent Beacon
  • Level 26 – Lore (Warp), Toughness
  • Level 28 – Blazing Inferno
  • Level 29 – Carouse, Toughness
  • Level 30 – Molten Beam
  • Level 31 – Melting Armour
  • Level 32 – Willpower, Carouse
  • Level 33 – Psy Rating 3
  • Level 34 – Sparks of the Greater Flame

Support Psyker Sanctic Officer Build

The Sanctic Pysker powers are extremely good for someone that wants to lead their troops to victory. This is the best route to go if you want to buff your allies and destroy demons. If you want a charismatic main character that destroys evil, then this is the best Psyker build for you in Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader:

  • Homeworld: Imperial World – Humanity’s Finest – Agility
  • Origin: Sanctioned Psyker – Sanctic
  • Archetype: Officer
  • Points: Perception x2, Willpower x2, Fellowship x2

The reason we go for Agility for the Humanity’s Finest trait is because we can also give our companions an extra +5 Agility with the Stronger Together Talent. Agility is one of the only characteristics that doesn’t need to end in 0 to give bonuses, since Agility gives a flat Dodge bonus based on the exact number you have.

Here are all the talents and abilities you need to take while going through the Officer upgrades to build a powerful Sanctic Psyker:

  • Level 2 – Commerce
  • Level 4 – Commanding Voice
  • Level 5 – Willpower, Destined
  • Level 6 – Psalms of Heroes, Toughness
  • Level 7 – Shield of the Emperor, Eternal Glory
  • Level 8 – Stabilising Factor, Persuasion
  • Level 10 – Persuasion, Fellowship
  • Level 11 – Psy Rating 1, Fellowship
  • Level 12 – Move, Move, Move!, Still Mind
  • Level 13 – Undaunted, Commerce
  • Level 14 – Willpower, Inscribed Soul

As you can see from the abilities we recommend, you won’t really be much of a Psyker for the first Act of the game, since you will only use Word and Shield of the Emperor. Otherwise, you will mainly rely on the Officer skills to make everyone fight around you.

Move, Move, Move! combined with Bring it Down! are a really good combination to make an ally fight an extra turn whenever you have to fight. Though this build won’t really impress anyone, you will feel good if you just want to be a really good commander that buffs everyone.

If you want to become an even better buffer and helper for the squad, you can invest to learn Biomancer Psyker abilities and become a better support copy of Heinrix.

Ranged Psyker Telepath Soldier Build

Most Psyker abilities don’t really do well at range. The only type that really works with the Ranged Soldier is the Telepath. Here is how to build a ranged Psyker in WH40k: Rogue Trader:

  • Homeworld: Fortress World
  • Origin: Sanctioned Psyker – Telepath
  • Archetype: Soldier
  • Points: Ballistic Skill x2, Perception x2, Willpower x2

Now that you know which characteristics are the most important for this Psyker build, here are the best upgrades you can get as you level up through the Soldier archetype:

  • Level 2 – Awareness
  • Level 4 – Second Sight
  • Level 5 – Perception, Psychic Barrage
  • Level 6 – Ballistic Skill, Sensory Deprivation
  • Level 7 – Ballistic Skill, Pain Channeling
  • Level 8 – Visions of Doom, Demolition
  • Level 10 – Integrity, Perception
  • Level 11 – Dominate, Awareness
  • Level 12 – Willpower, Psy Rating 1
  • Level 13 – Fired Up, Mind Thief
  • Level 14 – Combat Addict, Demolition

For this build, Psychic Shriek will become your best friend. However, it will become useful only once you reach Psy Rating 1 at level 12, until then it will just be decent for causing constant limited damage to enemies and giving yourself buffs.

Use your abilities to debuff the enemies and make yourself better, while sniping everyone from miles away.

You will generally be very good at hitting your targets and it would be a good idea in the future to also pick up Pyromancy, since you can get the Blazing Inferno Talent, which has incredible synergy with the Fired Up Talent. With these two, you will get +1% critical hit chance and critical damage every round as long as you deal damage.

And that is all you need to know about the best Psyker builds in Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader. Check out other interesting WH40k: Rogue Trader guides and articles:

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