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V Rising: The Old Wanderer Location and Guide

V Rising The Old Wanderer Location and Guide

The Cursed Forest in V Rising is one of the hardest places to explore. There are many powerful enemies everywhere, roaming V Blood bosses, and the Curse of the Forest that will make your map unreadable. This location is just torture. However, there is an item that will make the Cursed Forest much more bearable, and that is the Shroud of the Forest. This cape will stop the effects of the Curse of the Forest and will allow you to walk through the region actually knowing where you are. To get this item, you will need to defeat the Old Wanderer first. Here is the exact location where you can find the Old Wanderer V Blood boss in V Rising and how to defeat him while avoiding all the deadly enemies around.

The Old Wanderer Location in V Rising

V Rising The Old Wanderer Location Map Cursed Forest
Screenshot by Raider King

The exact location where you can find the Old Wanderer in V Rising is right in the middle of the Cursed Forest region. You can see in the image above the purple space where he roams around the forest. The only problem is that you will likely not even see the map before you reach this location.

The strategy to actually get to his location would be to teleport to one of the Waygates in the region, which you can see in the screenshot above, and run directly to that region while tracking the Old Wanderer’s V Blood.

Once you get there, you will have to base your hunt solely on the V Blood tracking system, as you won’t have any way to find him otherwise. You will likely hear him when you get close to him, as the Old Wanderer likes to tease players.

He will start screaming “Catch me if you can!” and laughing while running. The worst part about this battle is that you will have to chase him through the Cursed Forest while fighting very powerful enemies.

How to Defeat The Old Wanderer in V Rising

V Rising How to Defeat The Old Wanderer Guide
Screenshot by Raider King

The Old Wanderer is an extremely weak V Blood boss in V Rising. However, the real challenge in this battle is the enemies around him. As you chase the Old Wanderer through the forest, he will find you countless other powerful enemies to fight.

He only has one attack where he leaves some blue orbs that will stun you, which will usually result in you losing him. The best way to keep him close is to use a spear. The Harpoon ability will allow you to keep the Old Wanderer close enough to actually deal damage.

You should also use the Veil of Frost Dash spell as it will allow you to easily avoid some of the mobs around you and also slow down the Old Wanderer. If you also want to capitalize on the Chill effect, you should use more Frost spells to stop him from running so much.

The only real problem you can face during this battle with the Old Wanderer V Blood in V Rising is when the level 79 V Blood boss Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer appears. He also patrols the same area and you will have a high chance to meet him while trying to kill the Old Wanderer.

If you happen to bump into Styx while trying to defeat the Old Wanderer, run. There is nothing you can do to defeat him, considering you have a Gear Level of around 60 when this happens. You will just have to wait and come back later, hoping you won’t bump into him again.

The Old Wanderer – Rewards

When you defeat The Old Wanderer for the first time in V Rising, you will get these special rewards:

  • Shroud of the Forest → Recipe. The Shroud of the Forest cape will allow you to ignore the effects of the Curse of the Forest. You will get to see the map and won’t have problems when wandering around the Cursed Forest.

And that is all you need to know about the location of The Old Wanderer and how to defeat him in V Rising. Check out other interesting V Rising guides and articles:

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