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V Rising: Adam the Firstborn Location and Guide

V Rising Adam the First Born Location and Guide

The most powerful V Blood boss in V Rising at the moment is Adam the Firstborn. This monster is almost impossible to defeat by yourself and the game recommends that you come to this fight with some friends. He is part of the Shard Bearer trio that the V Rising developers tell you to face with a group of at least 3 vampires. Well, if you want to face Henry Blackbrew’s demon by yourself or with some friends, we will try to help you bring him down. Here is the exact location where you can find Adam the Firstborn, how to enter his lair, and how to defeat him in V Rising.

Adam the Firstborn Location in V Rising

V Rising Adam the First Born Location Map Doctor Blackbrews Castle
Screenshot by Raider King

The location where you can find Adam the Firstborn in V Rising is Doctor Blackbrew’s Castle, in the North-Western part of Gloomrot North. You can see the location of the castle in the image above, shown with the purple arrow.

This castle is almost impossible to access before defeating most V Blood bosses in V Rising. Here is exactly what you need to do to enter Doctor Blackbrew’s Castle in V Rising and reach Adam the Firstborn:

  • You will need the Bat Form to get past the electric gate South of the castle.
  • You will need an EMP to open the entrance to the castle. You can craft the EMP at the Fabricator. Place the EMP on the gate and hit it to enter the castle.
  • Head to the right and climb up to the next floor to interact with the lever there. Once you do, the barrier around Adam will disappear. You can jump down from there to start the fight.

How to Defeat Adam the Firstborn in V Rising

To defeat Adam the Firstborn in V Rising you will need a lot of patience. He will attack you a lot with a lot of unpredictable attacks. As long as you master the timing of the dodges for his attacks, you can win this battle after a few tries.

Adam the Firstborn 1st Phase

During his first phase, he won’t move around a lot. Most of his attacks will be melee attacks. For this phase, you can ignore the electrical machines that create lighting fences all around the battlefield, as you will only need one little square to defeat him.

The main idea in this phase is to profit off the fact that he doesn’t move around and use powerful spells that also don’t move, and learn his attacks to properly dodge them. One of the most dangerous attacks in this phase is the one where he grabs you and throws you, as that can ruin the whole strategy.

The best weapons to use against Adam the Firstborn in V Rising are the slashers, as their secondary attack will allow you to dodge a lot of attacks, and the Camouflage skill will let you get away when he gets too crazy.

Having some pistols as well with you will help a lot, as they will be extremely valuable in the second phase.

As for spells, here are the ones that would help you out the most:

Veil of Bones might be the best dash spell to use for this battle, as it increases the amount of damage you can deal to this monster with an infinite health pool. Blood Rite is the best defense spell to use against Adam, as it protects you from all damage for a second. You can also get some Leech on him and get some health back.

Ball Lightning will only be useful in the first phase, as it will destroy him every time you use it. Just spam it on him and stay close to him, to stop him from moving, which will allow maximum damage from the spell.

Adam the Firstborn 2nd Phase

Once you get through all of his health, his arm will transform into some kind of electrical eel and he will start running around a lot more. For this part of the battle you will need much more space, so hit the electrical devices that create the thunder fences to bring them down as much as possible.

Change up Ball Lightning with Chaos Volley, as you will need to keep your distance for this part of the battle. Try to mostly keep the slashers in hand to use Elusive Strike and Camouflage, and avoid most of his attacks.

Otherwise, switch often between them and the pistols to actually get some damage in. Generally, you should hit him a lot with Chaos Volley and try to get the Raging Tempest in whenever possible.

Be prepared as this part is going to take a really long time and will require a lot of patience. Try to hit only when you know you can defend or dodge Adam’s attacks. Once you get the timing right, combining Elusive Strike, Camouflage, Veil of Bones, and Blood Rite will be more than enough to survive Adam’s onslaught.

Adam the Firstborn – Rewards

Players that defeat Adam the Firstborn for the first time in V Rising will get these rewards:

  • Eye of the Storm → Storm Dash Spell. An ultimate attack that brings thunderbolts from the skies to hit every enemy around you.

And that is all you need to know about the location of Adam the Firstborn and how to defeat him in V Rising. Check out other interesting V Rising guides and articles:

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