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V Rising: Domina the Blade Dancer Location and Guide

V Rising Domina the Blade Dancer Location and Guide

Domina the Blade Dancer is a level 60 V Blood boss in V Rising that will be quite a challenge to defeat. Not only is her location hard to find without a guide, but you will also have to handle all of the complex attacks. This human engineer turned undead has to die if you want to learn one of the best Storm spells in V Rising, along with how to build the Castle Teleporter, you will need to find and beat Domina the Blade Dancer. Luckily, we managed to find her exact location. Here is where you can find the location of Domina the Blade Dancer in V Rising, and how to defeat this level 60 V Blood boss.

Domina the Blade Dancer Location in V Rising

V Rising Domina the Blade Dancer Location Map Rustlock Village
Screenshot by Raider King

Players can find the location of the V Blood boss Domina the Blade Dancer at the Rustlock Village in the Gloomrot South region. She will be walking around the center of the village, patrolling. You can see the location of Rustlock Village in the image above, shown with the arrow.

Domina the Blade Dancer is very close to the southern Waygates in the Gloomrot region, so you should be able to reach her very fast. If you haven’t explored Gloomrot yet, you can quickly get to the village by coming from Dunley Farmlands and just heading North.

Though there won’t be enemies following her around Rustlock Village, there are a lot of them around the area that will instantly join in the fight when they see it happening. If you want to find her before finding anyone, you can use the Human Form to walk through the village.

How to Defeat Domina the Blade Dancer in V Rising

V Rising How to Defeat Domina the Blade Dancer Guide
Screenshot by Raider King

Domina the Blade Dancer is a dangerous V Blood boss in V Rising that will be relatively hard to defeat if you like fighting in close range. Most of her attacks are melee attacks and she will often drag you into close range if you try to maintain your distance.

At the start of the battle, she will charge up and then attack you with some kicks that are easily dodgeable. You won’t even have to use your Dash attack to get out of the way for these ones. However, if she is electrically charged, you will get stunned if you get hit.

Once you get through some of her health, she will start jumping around and shooting electrical projectiles at you. These can be very annoying as they will start coming from all directions. She will also use a whip to bring you into close range if you are keeping your distance.

The whip is relatively hard to dodge and it will also stun you, allowing Domina to get some easy hits on you. She will also start breakdancing when you are close enough which will slow down your movement if it hits you and constantly damages you. This attack can be deadly if you don’t have your Dash attack charged.

Once you get close to the end of the battle, she will start using an attack where she charges up and starts flying. A lot of thunderbolts will start flying out of Domina which is very hard to dodge. For this part, you will need a shield spell to defend yourself from these projectiles.

Luckily, you will have a huge opportunity to finish her off after this attack as she will stop to recover for a few seconds.

Domina the Blade Dancer – Rewards

When players defeat Domina the Blade Dancer for the first time in V Rising, they will get these special rewards:

  • Polarity Shift → Storm Projectile Spell. Hits an enemy with an electrical shock and allows you to switch places with them. If you can’t swap places, you will teleport next to them.
  • Castle Teleporter → Structure. The Castle Teleporter will allow you to quickly move between rooms in the base without having to walk. Can be extremely useful when you have a lot of rooms in the castle.

And that is all you need to know about the location of Domina the Blade Dancer and how to defeat her in V Rising. Check out other interesting V Rising guides and articles:

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