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V Rising: Bane the Shadowblade Location and Guide

V Rising Bane the Shadowblade Location and Guide

The most important and useful Vampire Power in V Rising is the Human Form, which you can only get by finding and defeating Bane the Shadowblade. Unfortunately, this V Blood boss likes to hide from everyone, as he travels using the “Human Form” disguise around the map. Bane will try to escape you at every turn, as he has one of the weirdest routes through the forest. To help you get the Human Form and walk between humans at any time, here is the location of Bane the Shadowblade, V Blood boss, and how to defeat him in V Rising.

Bane the Shadowblade Location in V Rising

V Rising Bane the Shadowblade Location Map Dunley Farmlands
Screenshot by Raider King

The V Blood boss Bane the Shadowblade can be found in the Dunley Farmlands region in V Rising, walking along the roads. You can see in the image above the exact routes he takes through the Farmlands.

As you can tell, he walks around a lot. Not only will he walk almost all over the region, but he will also be disguised as a simple old man in a hood. Even if you think you’ve found him, there will also be other “old disguised men” walking on the same paths he does.

V Rising Bane the Shadowblade Location Disguise
Screenshot by Raider King

Often when he finds one of these doubles, he starts walking back and going a different direction, to confuse nearby players. You can see how he looks in the image above.

The only way you can actually find Bane the Shadowblade in V Rising is by tracking his V Blood. There is no other way you can figure out where he is walking, as there are many doubles on the roads and his paths are very random.

How to Defeat Bane the Shadowblade in V Rising

V Rising How to Defeat Bane the Shadowblade Guide
Screenshot by Raider King

Since he will be in the Human Form disguise, you will have time to hit him hard when you find him. If you are lucky, you can get more than half his health in quick succession while he turns into his undead real form.

His attacks are interesting, as he can throw daggers your way, has a whirlwind attack that can slow you down, and will also hit you at close range with normal swings. Once you lower his health below 50%, he will turn the screen purple and create a lot of body doubles to escape.

You will have to destroy all of the Human Form dummies that appeared to make him come back. In general, this battle can be very easy if you attack him with all you got from the start. Just make sure not to bump into another one of the V Blood bosses that are patrolling the area, as it will become a free for all.

Bane the Shadowblade – Rewards

Players that defeat Bane the Shadowblade for the first time in V Rising will get:

  • Veil of Bones → Unholy Spell Dash.
  • Human Form → Vampire Power that allows you to turn into a human and blend in with them.
  • Small Coin Purse, Slashers → Recipes. The Slashers are powerful daggers that you can now craft after defeating Bane.

And that is all you need to know about the location of Bane the Shadowblade and how to get the Human Form in V Rising. Check out other interesting V Rising guides and articles:

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