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V Rising: Grethel the Glassblower Location and Guide

V Rising Grethel the Glassblower Location and Guide

V Blood bosses in V Rising make the game incredibly entertaining. Most of them have really unique battle styles and they can be very fun to defeat. However, one of the hardest challenges in V Rising is actually finding all of these bosses. Though you can track them, you can just follow a blood trail and hope that you find them someday. As you walk through the whole map to find an enemy that is “very far away,” you might think that it would have been better to just look for their location online. So, for the people that wanted help in finding these V Blood bosses, here is the location of Grethel the Glassblower in V Rising and a guide to help you defeat her.

Grethel the Glassblower Location in V Rising

V Rising Grethel the Glassblower Location Map Quartz Quarry
Screenshot by Raider King

Though Grethel the Glassblower is a level 47 V Blood boss, you can actually find her location in V Rising in the Dunley Farmlands. Grethel will be standing in the largest building in the Quartz Quarry.

The Quartz Quarry, where Grethel the Glassblower will be waiting for you, is situated in the North-Western part of the Dunley Farmlands, right at the entrance into the Gloomrot South region.

You can see in the image above the exact location where you will find Grethel the Glassblower in V Rising. That is where the building she is waiting inside is situated. You will have to fight some very aggressive Bomb Throwers at the entrance to her mansion.

Most of them will burn the ground all over the place. The Quartz Quarry can be a horrible location during the morning, so it would be best to attack during the night. Luckily, if you unlocked the Human Form already, you can just walk right into her workshop without facing any enemies.

How to Defeat Grethel the Glassblower in V Rising

V Rising How to Defeat Grethel the Glassblower Guide
Screenshot by Raider King

Grethel the Glassblower is not an incredibly powerful V Blood boss in V Rising, as she actually doesn’t have a lot of attacks. At the start of the battle, she will blow through her glass and throw three whirlwinds at you. They will deal quite a lot of damage and will slow you down when they hit you.

To avoid this attack, you should close in on her and deal some damage. If you do this, she will either blow you backward or fly into the air and dash you. Both of these attacks will deal the same amount of damage.

Once you advance through the battle, she will start leaving 7 pools of molten glass on the ground that damage you when you walk through them. After leaving there for a while, she will turn them into glass spikes that blow around the battlefield.

They can be very hard to avoid, as there are a lot of them, so make sure to keep an eye on them. When Grethel turns the molten glass into solid glass she will stand still. This is an amazing opportunity to deal some damage.

Sometimes when you attack her, she will also bring up a glass shield that mitigates damage, but she won’t use it often.

The general strategy for this fight is to attack her at close range before she leaves the molten glass on the ground. When that appears, you should start hitting her from a distance, since you can’t really go through the lava without getting severely damaged.

Grethel the Glassblower – Rewards

Once you defeat Grethel the Glassblower for the first time in V Rising you will get:

  • Cyclone → Storm Spell that leaves a cyclone that constantly damages enemies inside it.
  • Glass, Empty Glass Bottle, Blood Rose Potion → Recipes. The Blood Rose Potion is an amazing healing potion that will recover 55% of your max health in 10 seconds.

And that is all you need to know about the location of Grethel the Glassblower in V Rising. Check out other interesting V Rising guides and articles:

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