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The Thaumaturge: Is There Romance? Answered

The Thaumaturge Is There Romance Answered

The story-driven RPG from Fool’s Theory puts the players in the shoes of Wiktor Szulski, a thaumaturge, as he explores the streets of 1905 Warsaw and tries to figure out what happened to his father while he was gone. Though the game clearly gives you a lot of choices, allowing most encounters to be solved in any way you personally want, it seems to have glossed over a part that most would enjoy for an RPG with morally ambiguous choices: romance.

Is There Romance in The Thaumaturge?

The Thaumaturge Is There Romance Answered Wanda
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No, there isn’t any kind of romance between Wiktor and any of the characters in game, though there are two characters that the game likes to tease the player with.

Both Wanda and Abaurycy are relatively important NPCs that can flirt with Wiktor throughout the earlier parts of the game, however, as the story progresses, it becomes clear that there will be nothing there.

Without spoiling the experience too much, Wanda is already in a romantic entanglement and Abaurycy seems to outright reject Wiktor, claiming he is not his type. Most flirting with the characters of the game will usually lead to a dead end, as that is all our thaumaturge can do romantically.

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