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Eternights: All Romance Options – How Romance Works

Eternights All Romance Options - How Romance Works

Eternights is a Hack and Slash Dating Sim, inspired by the Persona series. Though Persona is all about living your daily life while also fighting monsters at night, in Eternights you are surrounded by the end of the world. There isn’t much time to attend classes and play basketball, but you can still spend time with the people around you and form deep, meaningful relationships. There are quite a few interesting characters that players can flirt with in Eternights, but are these just teases or can you do something more? In this guide, we will present all the romance options in Eternights, while also explaining how to impress them and start a relationship with them.

All Romance Options in Eternights

There are 4 romance options in Eternights that you can start a relationship with:

  • Min
  • Sia
  • Yohan
  • Yuna

There isn’t a canon option to romance, so you can try to go the whole way with any of these characters. The other people in the game that the player can flirt with, like Aria for example, lead nowhere.

Now that we know there is gay romance in Eternights, due to Yohan being one of the romance options, some players are probably wondering if they can also romance Chani, their best friend. Unfortunately, that is not possible. He is just going to be a sidekick for the whole ride.

How Romance Works in Eternights

As you progress through Eternights’ story, you will meet and recruit new companions. During your conversations with these people, you will have various choices that will increase one of 4 stats: Expression, Acceptance, Confidence, or Courage.

These stats will actually decide the level of one of the 4 romance options, as you will have to go on dates with them to increase their rank. Once you reach the maximum rank in one of those skills, you will get a scene where you can enter a relationship with one of the romance options.

Here is what stat you need to increase to romance each companion in Eternights:

  • Min – Confidence
  • Sia – Acceptance
  • Yohan – Courage
  • Yuna – Expression

You shouldn’t worry a lot about these abilities, as you will increase them through more than one method. You just need to know which character you would like to get the endgame scene with and pump their stat to the max.

Players can also romance more than one option at the same time and reach the maximum rank with multiple characters. However, at the end of the game, you will have to make a choice who you want to be your true romantic partner.

And that is all you need to know about romance options in Eternights. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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