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Sun Haven: How to Stop Seasonal Pests

Sun Haven How to Stop Seasonal Pests

It’s one of the first days you are spending in Sun Haven and some weird pink dragons have come over to eat your crops. These little critters that will appear every season and will deal different effects are called seasonal pests and they need to be stopped if you don’t want your farm to die. Luckily, if you find these critters annoying, you can easily get rid of them. There are two ways you can stop the seasonal pests in Sun Haven and we will show you exactly how to do them in the guide below.

How to Stop Seasonal Pests in Sun Haven

If you think that seasonal pests in Sun Haven are annoying and that they don’t add anything to the gameplay, then you can easily remove them from the game by opening the Gameplay Settings and toggling “Seasonal Pests” off.

Just press the blue dot next to Seasonal Pests and they will be removed from the game. However, some might consider this cheating. There is a way to fight them in the game, but it can be a bit tedious.

To stop seasonal pests from attacking your farm in Sun Haven, you will first need to build the Farmer’s Table. You can do this at the Crafting Table for 2 wheat and 8 wood planks.

Then, at the Farmer’s Table, you will find various scarecrows that protect your farm from each seasonal pest. Each one of them costs 10 wheat to make and they only protect an 11 by 11 area around them.

So, if you plant something further than 5 tiles from the scarecrow, the pests will attack that place. You will also need to change them every season since each scarecrow only protects your plants for one of them

And that is all you need to know about how to stop seasonal pests in Sun Haven. Check out other interesting Sun Haven guides and articles:

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