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Kynseed: How to get milk

Kynseed How to get milk

After spending a few days in the world of Kynseed, you will get a mission from your uncle to get and deliver milk to Mother Hubbard. This quest’s real goal is for you to learn how to cook, which will become incredibly important in the future. However, until you get to her, you will first need to get that milk from your immortal cow. You might have tried to interact with it and there was no option to get the milk from her. Well, no worries, here is how you can get milk from your cow in Kynseed.

How to get milk in Kynseed

The first thing you will need to do is equip the tin bucket and approach the cow. You do not need to interact with it to get the milk. What you need to do to get milk in Kynseed is to press and hold the button that is described in the bottom right corner as “Contain/Release.”

Kynseed How to get milk button

On a PC with a mouse, all you need to do is go next to the cow, hold the right mouse button until the bar that appears fills up, and then you will have a bucket of milk. You can see the process in the image above.

You can’t use the wooden bucket for this task, as that one is used only for collecting feces from the pig.

Once you have collected the milk, all you need to do is head over to Mother Hubbard. If you want to throw the milk out of the tin bucket, you can do it at any moment. All you have to do is press and hold the Contain/Release button again until there is no more milk in the bucket.

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