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Soulstice: How to Save Game

soulstice how to save

Developed by Reply Game Studios, Soulstice is a story-driven, action RPG where you play as Briar, the Ashen Knight, alongside her spectral sister, Lute. You embark on a colossal quest to seal a dangerous rift threatening the world. If you loved Devil May Cry, then you’ll definitely love the immersive gaming experience that Soulstice has to offer. From world exploration to chaotic battles, we’ll help you with the many aspects of the game through our gaming guides. This guide will explain how the save game function works in Soulstice.

How to Save Game in Soulstice

For starters, you cannot manually save your game in Soulstice. Your save file depends entirely on the auto-save function built into the game. 

When your game autosaves each time, you’ll notice a little Soulstice “logo” that pops up in the bottom right-hand corner. Do not turn off your PC, Xbox One, or PS4/PS5 until this symbol has disappeared. If you do so, your save file might get corrupted. And you will end up having to start the chapter all over again. 

The game autosaves each time there is a new cutscene when you start a new chapter or reach a crucial point in the game.

You may find it annoying that your game progress will be lost if you want to exit the game during the quest before you arrive at any checkpoint. When your progress is lost in this way you will be taken to the start of the chapter.

So make sure you reach the checkpoint (crucial game point) at least so that the game autosave. To make sure your game was saved just remember to keep an eye on the Soulstice logo at the bottom right-hand corner.

If you want to load your saved game, you can do that in the main menu by selecting “Checkpoint”. If you didn’t reach any crucial point in the game your “Checkpoint” will be the start of the chapter.

And that is all you need to know about how to save game in Soulstice. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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