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Sonic Artist Begins Teasing Sega vs Capcom

Sonic Artist Begins Teasing Sega vs Capcom

Satoshi Okano, a former designer and artist for Sega took to Twitter on the evening of March 10, 2024, seemingly with the intent to cause havoc and confusion among various fanbases.

The chaos began when Okano made a tweet telling gamers that they should play and keep their eyes on the Sega-produced titles Sonic the Hedgehog and Samba de Amigo and the Capcom-produced titles Street Fighter 6 and Kunitsu Gami. Saying that this tweet was a secret message but he cannot reveal everything at this time.

Sonic Artist Begins Teasing Sega vs Capcom
Screenshot by Raider King

At first, people began to question if Okano was foreshadowing a Street Fighter 6 costume collaboration using his art, however, the situation began to escalate when he was asked about the possibility of a Sega vs Capcom game being in development.

Okano would then spend all morning on Twitter replying to various tweets about Sega vs Capcom in vague ways, usually with a thumbs-up emoji, gifs of various Capcom games, and short “I cannot answer everything at this time” messages.

All of these vague responses have of course led the internet to believe that a Sega vs Capcom game is in development and that Satoshi is involved in some shape or form. It is worth noting that Satoshi is no longer employed at Sega, so this involvement would likely be contract work involving his art.

It is also worth remembering that there is currently a Sega vs Capcom fan game in development which has been gaining traction online. However, as Satoshi’s tweets acknowledge Sega and Capcom titles released in the last 20 years it is unlikely unrelated to that fangame, which primarily targets 90s nostalgia.

Without full confirmation on what Satoshi Okano was teasing, the internet has been sent into a speculation frenzy about what he could mean. Hopefully, more information about this is revealed in the coming years.

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