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RimWorld: How to Get Cloth

RimWorld How to Get Cloth

The popular colony-management game RimWorld from Ludeon Studios brought the ethos of the cult favorite Dwarf Fortress back to life. Players have to lead a group of colonists toward the construction of a secure, utopian colony. RimWorld contains plenty of challenges for colonists to conquer, like piracy, insectoid swarms, psychosis, and famine. In RimWorld, colonists have it rough, but a naked colonist has it considerably worse. Because of this, fabric is one of the most essential crafting commodities in Rimworld. It enables players to outfit their colonists while also giving them comfort and leisure. However, Cloth is not a resource that naturally spawns on the landscape. So players could run into some challenges finding it. So, this is why we decided to show you how to get Cloth in RimWorld and make the finest clothes!

How to Get Cloth in RimWorld

RimWorld How to Get Cloth Cotton Plants

The simplest way to get Cloth in RimWorld is to grow cotton plants. These plants need soil that is at least 70% fertile and have a safe growth temperature of between 10C (50F) to 42C. (107F).

Players should at least grow a small patch of Cotton on temperate maps. They should do this when they initially plant their food crops at the start of the game. Players will be able to plant more without taking up too much of their colonists’ time if they have RimWorld colonists with good Traits and a high Growing skill.

When night time resting time is taken into consideration, cotton plants grow for around 14 days. When harvested, a completely grown plant will yield 10 Cloth. Even if this is a respectable yield of cloth from each plant, not all colonies will have the resources to sustain a cotton farm. The only method to obtain Cloth in colonies without appropriate growing conditions or soil is to purchase it from traders.

Trade caravans will frequently visit a colony and sell both common commodities and uncommon raw resources like Cloth. Players will also be able to do business with the ships in orbit after they have obtained the Comms Console.

How to Make Cloth Clothing in RimWorld

RimWorld How to Make Cloth Clothes

Making clothes is the Cloth’s primary function in RimWorld. In addition to the risks of hypothermia or heat stroke, being nude in RimWorld significantly lowers colonists’ moods. The only colonists who like being nude are those who possess the Nudist trait, and even they will experience the effects of heat and cold more severely while they are naked. Additionally, colonists can use Cloth to create Flak armor, which provides some of the finest defense in the game.

Apart from clothes, Cloth is a component of a number of things that improve colonists’ requirements for comfort and entertainment in RimWorld. These represent the billiards and poker tables, two pieces of furniture that may rapidly satiate leisure, along with cozy armchairs for colonists to unwind in and rugs to enhance the attractiveness of a space.

And that is all you need to know about how to get cloth in RimWorld. Also, check out other interesting articles:

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