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RimWorld: How to Get More Components

RimWorld How to Get Components

The independent Ludeon Studios game RimWorld, a colony management simulation, has already been available for five years. The game has changed a lot since then, presenting users with many new enemies, habitats, and dangers. RimWorld has challenged many players to build their young, newly-founded colony on a dangerous world while surviving against all hostile entities. However, there are still new and older players who still don’t know how to do various important tasks. For example, get components. So, here is how you can get components in RimWorld, and live to tell the tale!

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Get Components in RimWorld

RimWorld Get Components Compacted Machinery

Since survival is difficult on a RimWorld, gamers frequently require cutting-edge equipment to aid their colonists. These high-tech objects can only be made with Components, a necessary crafting material that can be difficult to locate. If players gather a significant amount of components, they will be able to develop enough machines, tools, and weapons to keep their colonists safe and content.

There are four ways to get and collect components in RimWorld for your colony:

  • Mine
  • Craft
  • Deconstruct Ships
  • Buy or Raid

Mine Components

The simplest way to obtain components in RimWorld is by mining. The majority of RimWorld maps will spawn with at least a few Compacted Machinery nodes, with the exception of extreme biomes like the ice sheet or a flat desert. These nodes are generally between 3 and 6 tiles in size and may be swiftly and readily mined by colonists.

They are distinguished by their dark yellow hue. Although keeping miners underground for too long will have a detrimental effect on their Mood in RimWorld, players who have no visible Compacted Machinery nodes should still hunt for them within sizable hills and mountains by building exploratory tunnels.

Craft / Make Components – RimWorld

RimWorld Get Craft Make Components

In the early stages of the game, surface mining is the most dependable method of obtaining components, but players will ultimately exhaust the supply of nodes for compacted machinery. Thankfully, there are a number of additional ways to get components. The second most trustworthy method is to make them on a fabrication bench; this takes 12 steel and a colonist with a crafting 8 or above. With a high level Crafting colonist with beneficial RimWorld attributes like Industrious, this method—which necessitates that players have finished the majority of the tech tree—can swiftly generate a large number of Components.

Deconstruct Ship Chunks for Components

One of ways to get components in RimWorld is by disassembling Ship Chunks. These are the sizable, green nodes that occasionally appear on the Colony map. When dismantled, each Chunk will provide 20 Steel and 5–6 Components. Gamers who select the normal Crash Landed scenario will start the game with three Chunks already on the map.

Buy or Raid for Components

RimWorld Trade with Merchants Components

Finally, gamers can purchase Components from passing merchants, although this option might be quite pricey. The player’s Colony will periodically be visited by trade caravans, and by engaging with the specific merchant designated by a question mark, buyers can peruse their goods.

Although trade caravans are quite common, you may also purchase Components from trading ships in orbit. You can do this after you have gained access to the Communications Console.

You can also attack said merchants or raid close-by colonies in hopes of getting components. This is obviously a bit immoral, but this is RimWorld and we’ve all done our fair share of raiding and pillaging…

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