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My Time at Sandrock: Owen Gifts Guide

My Time at Sandrock Owen Gifts Guide

The friendly owner of the Blue Moon Saloon in My Time at Sandrock, Owen, is probably one of the most popular romanceable bachelors in the game. With his incredibly welcoming attitude and good intentions, he has managed to conquer the hearts of many Sandrock residents. However, making him fall for you won’t be easy if you don’t know what gifts to give him. Since you can give one gift every day to increase the relationship, you can end up marrying him in less than 2 seasons. So, in this guide, we will present you with a long list of all the gifts preferences for Owen in My Time at Sandrock, as well as recommend the best gifts that you can easily get and give almost every day.

Owen Gifts Preferences in My Time at Sandrock (Love, Like)

Here is a list of all the gifts that Owen loves and likes in My Time at Sandrock, so we can help you make sure you give him the right items:

GiftsHow to GetPreference
AgaveThe Dead SeaLove
Animal Skin CarpetTailoring Machine
Arm StretcherIntermediate Worktable
Around the World in However Many DaysTreasure Chest
BarbellIntermediate Worktable
CistancheGather – Northwest of Sandrock
Copper PotIntermediate Worktable
Eel JerkyApprentice Cooking Station
Frying PanForging Machine
Journey to the EastGame Center
PioneerTreasure Chest
Rhino Horn CactusPlanting
Sandacuda KingFishing Spots
Sandfish KingFishing Spots
Stewed Eagle CistancheApprentice Cooking Station
⁠⁠Alfalfa Baked EggsAdvanced Cooking StationLike
⁠⁠AvocadoRunning of the Yakmel
⁠⁠Ceramic BottleWorktable
⁠⁠CilantroMysterious Man
⁠⁠Desert MudfishFishing Spots
⁠⁠Desk Clock Intermediate Worktable
⁠⁠Diamond Treasure Chest
⁠⁠Explorer Boots Tailoring Machine
⁠⁠Explorer Pants Tailoring Machine
⁠⁠Explorer Vest Tailoring Machine
⁠⁠Fluorite Gather
⁠⁠Giant Loach Fishing Spots
⁠⁠Gold Gather
⁠⁠Horned Adder Fishing Spots
⁠⁠Large Crucian Carp Fishing Spots
⁠⁠Large Desert Mudfish Fishing Spots
⁠⁠Large Horned Adder Fishing Spots
⁠⁠Large Sandacuda Fishing Spots
⁠⁠Meaty Cactus Stew Apprentice Cooking Station
⁠⁠Opal Gather
⁠⁠Owen Figurine Ceramic Gate
⁠⁠Rib Meat Loot
⁠⁠Rosestone Gather
⁠⁠Sandberry Egg Soup Apprentice Cooking Station
⁠⁠Sandrice Sushi Apprentice Cooking Station
⁠⁠Spinel Treasure Chest
⁠⁠Tea Leaves Coffee Tea Tree
⁠⁠Water Water World
⁠⁠Wind Chimes Jewelry Machine

Best Gifts for Owen in My Time at Sandrock

The easiest to get loved gift that you can get for Owen in My Time at Sandrock is the Journey to the East book that you can purchase from the Game Center. This book will increase your relationship by 11 with Owen and you can buy it for 10 Tokens.

You can get these Tokens by playing the crane game inside the Game Center. The game is relatively easy to get used to and you will have to pay 10 Gols each time you make an attempt. If you do a decent job, you will get at least 5 Tokens.

This means that for at least 20 Gols, if you are bad at the game, you can purchase the Journey to the East book and gift it to Owen.

However, you shouldn’t give the same gift two days in a row, since you will get a smaller amount of relationship points, so here is the second gift you should give him: Ceramic Bottle. This is an item you can make right from the start of the game and it is extremely easy to make.

On the off days, after you’ve given him the beloved book, you can give him a Ceramic Bottle and see how your friendship with him quickly blossoms.

And that is all you need to know about the best gifts for Owen in My Time at Sandrock. Check out other interesting My Time at Sandrock guides and articles:

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