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HOI4 (Hearts of Iron IV): How to Leave a Faction

HOI4 Hearts of Iron IV - How to Leave a Faction

Hearts of Iron IV stands as the pinnacle of the esteemed historical grand strategy series, a lineage initiated by Paradox Interactive in 2002. Carrying forward the franchise’s storied heritage, Hearts of Iron IV thrusts players into the pivotal role of a nation’s leader during the tumultuous lead-up to the Second World War – a conflict that etched itself indelibly into human history. As alliances emerge as central components of the pre-war landscape, it’s unsurprising that this theme is seamlessly integrated into the game. In this article, we delve into a concise guide on factions, exploring crucial aspects, and most notably, unraveling the intricate process of disentangling from these alliances. Here is how to leave a faction in HOI4.

What is a Faction in HOI4

In Hearts of Iron IV, factions are a coalition of allied nations united in both war and peace. All faction members share intelligence and military access with one another and can call upon each other in times of war. In the game, all factions are military alliances (for now).

Factions usually consist of nations with similar ideologies or possessing the same political concerns. To join a faction, this can be done either through the diplomacy tab (Ask to join faction), national focuses, events, or being at war.

For the first option, the world tension usually dictates how quickly a nation is able to join a faction as non-aligned and democratic nations require a world tension of 40% and 80% respectively to even lodge a request.

If in a war, all faction members can be called into said war and the war won’t end until all major members of that faction have capitulated. If a minor power capitulates, they will move to form a government-in-exile under the faction leader’s protection.

The player may edit the game rules to make it easier or harder to leave a faction or kick members out of a faction.

If the former is set to blocked, then it will be much more difficult to leave via manual means as national focuses, events, or being kicked out by the faction leader (provided that the rules for kicking out of faction remain at default) are the only remaining ways.

How to Leave a Faction in HOI4

There are three methods to leave a faction in HOI4. Unfortunately, there is no way to leave a faction while in a war alongside other faction members and the faction leader apart from using console commands.

As a Member

To leave as a member, the player nation must not be at war with any nations that other faction members are at war with. This means that the player is free to conquer other nations not at war with their faction.

For example, in the 1939 start, if the player is playing Italy and Germany has declared war on Poland, the player can still leave the faction even if they’re at war with say Greece provided that Greece does not join the Polish or the Allies in their wars.

Should the player find themselves at war, the leave faction diplomacy command will be greyed out and won’t be available until the enemy side has fully capitulated.

As the Faction Leader

To leave a faction in HOI4, the faction leader will need to disband the faction they are leading in the first place. This can be done outright if the only members of the faction are the faction leader and their puppets. Otherwise, the faction leader will need to kick out all non-puppet nations before being able to disband.

To kick out a nation, proceed to their respective diplomacy tab and choose to kick them out. After this, click on the player nation’s flight and they should be able to see that the dismantle faction (the icon containing two flags after the faction name) is no longer greyed out and available for choosing.

Via Console Command

To leave a faction in HOI4 using cheats, simply open the console command tab and input the command ‘allowdiplo’. This should allow for any diplomatic actions to be taken despite the prerequisites not being met. Click on the leave faction command on the diplomatic tab to complete the process.

It should be mentioned once again, that this is to only way to leave a faction during a war and can only be done in non-ironman games.

And that is all you need to know about how to leave faction in HOI4. Check out other interesting HOI4 guides and articles:

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