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HOI4 (Hearts of Iron IV): How to Increase Compliance

HOI4 (Hearts of Iron IV) How to Increase Compliance

Hearts of Iron IV (HOI4) is a grand strategy game made by Paradox Interactive and set in the Second World War. You are tasked with leading a nation through its various struggles in an attempt to emerge as the dominant power in the world. As you start to conquer more land, it is vital that it be secured and your rule well established. Do this well, and your nation should receive a strong boost that can range from a simple enemy operation detection bonus to an increase in recruitable population. In this article, we’ll go through all the methods that will show you how to increase compliance in HOI4 so that you can reap the rewards as soon as possible.

How Compliance Works in HOI4

HOI4 (Hearts of Iron IV) Occupied Territories
An example of the occupation management for Italy following their victory over Ethiopia

Occupation Management

Above is an example of the occupation management tab for Italy in HOI4 once they have conquered Ethiopia. You’ll be making nearly all of your occupation decisions (aside from the editing of garrison templates) here. As seen, the average compliance for all states here is 1%, as signified by the white flag icon. Likewise, our current occupation law is set to Military Governor, while for the garrison, we are using their standard cavalry template.

Resistance Target

The resistance target shows the possible value of the resistance strength. Gradually, the resistance strength will move closer and closer to the resistance target, so it would be best to keep it low.

Here are some ways to keep the resistance target low:

  • The controlling nation has a claim to the state.
  • The controlling nation is at peace.
  • The controlling nation has high stability.
  • High compliance in the state
  • A strict occupation law
  • Taking the resistance suppression focus
  • Assigning agents to root out resistance in the area

Likewise, the following ways will see your resistance strength go higher:

  • If the original owner has capitulated
  • If the original owner is in exile
  • The number of victory points in the state (the more, the higher)
  • Resistance from neighboring states
  • Enemy agent operations in the area

Resistance Strength

Resistance strength reflects the population’s resistance to the controlling nation. As mentioned above, the resistance strength will slowly drift to the value of the resistance target. Should this go up, you will experience these debuffs:

LevelResistance Strength NeededEffect
Organized Resistance25%Garrison Penetration Chance: +50%
Emboldened Resistance50%Damage to Garrisons: +100%
Uprising75%Divisions speed: -50%Strategic Redeployment DisabledLocal Supplies: -50%Division Attrition: +30%
Rebellion90%The state declares independence, spawn units, and returns to the control of its original owner (if it’s still existing). If not, it will re-establish that nation.


It is vital that a strong garrison be maintained in all occupation areas, as they will be your main counter to any possible rebels. A key value to always keep in mind is Suppression.

Normally, you would want to keep only cavalry and/or armored car battalions in your garrison template, as too much manpower wouldn’t be able to accomplish much and would waste your resources. You can also add the occasional military police support company to provide extra suppression at a low cost, but it is at your discretion to do so.

If garrison forces aren’t at full strength, you can’t fully implement your occupation law, leading to its being scaled down, so bear that in mind when wanting to adjust your garrison template.

How to Increase Compliance in HOI4

Method 1: Adjust the Occupation Laws

HOI4 follows a simple principle when it comes to occupation laws: the more lax your laws are, the quicker compliance is to increase, though it will likely backfire on you in terms of resistance.

A good strategy is to set the law to Civilian Oversight, have a decent garrison template, and remain at peace. Give it a few months or so, and you’ll be able to see a good compliance value, allowing you to continue on your warpath once more.

Method 2: Waiting

Yes, it is possible to increase compliance in HOI4 just by waiting. Is it popular with people who are impatient? No. Compliance goes up naturally once you’re at peace, and even more so when you have a claim to the territory you’re owning. So as long as you keep yourself out of any wars while your compliance is low, you should be fine for the most part.

Method 3: National Focuses or Leader Traits

Depending on which nation you pick in HOI4, there are some that have a national focus that increase compliance. Nations such as the Soviet Union, Poland, Turkey, and Bulgaria, to name a few, have leaders who can increase compliance gains or have specific national focuses that also provide a boost to the compliance gains of each state.

Method 4: Lower Resistance

It should be noted that in HOI4, the occupation laws that increase compliance cannot take effect without your garrison being in full force.

Having a garrison that has a large suppression value means you’ll be able to reduce the resistance target in a state, which will in turn allow for a quicker compliance gain as the people of the state are no longer fighting back against your regime.

Cavalry and armored cars are the preferred units for garrison divisions, though most of the time, the former beats the latter out due to the equipment demand being merely for infantry equipment. The addition of a military police support company later on will also be beneficial in increasing the suppression value at a cheap price.

Another way of lowering resistance is to have agents assigned to states with high resistance targets and have them perform the mission “Root out resistance”.

Additionally, the generic and repeated focus on lowering resistance targets can also be used.

Method 5: Forming a collaboration government

HOI4 (Hearts of Iron IV) Prepare Collaboration Government
The Prepare Collaboration Government Operation Guide

A popular method to increase compliance in HOI4 to pair with the second one is to prepare a collaboration government. It should be noted that this can only be done in peacetime and with territories that you do not already control or own.

Having a collaboration government instantly brings the compliance value of a state to its equivalent in collaboration. If your collaboration was 70%, your compliance value will also be around that number for said state.

In huge countries such as the Soviet Union or China, where you can get bogged down, having a collaborative government is great. If the average local collaboration of all occupied states is 80%, you can install a puppet regime.

And that is all you need to know about how to increase compliance in HOI4. Check out other interesting HOI4 guides and articles:

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