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CK2 (Crusader Kings II): Immortality Event ID and Guide

CK2 Crusader Kings II Immortality Event ID and Guide

You might have randomly stumbled into the Immortality event in Crusader Kings II (CK2) and have ended up either dead or handicapped for life. No worries, this can happen very easily, even for veteran players. Luckily, we have decided to guide you through the Immortality event in CK2, so you can also brag about having one of the greatest rulers in all of history. We will also give you the CK2 Immortality event ID, so you can properly start the event and do it the right way, if you don’t just want to use the add_trait command.

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Immortality Event ID in CK2

CK2 Crusader Kings II Console Commands

To initiate the Immortality event in CK2, you either have to wait until your character is old or ill, or use the event ID to trigger it. The CK2 Immortality event ID is RIP.21000.

To trigger the Immortality event you will have to:

  1. Open the cheat console by hitting the ~ button.
  2. Write “event RIP.21000”
  3. Enter

This will cause your character to contemplate death and think about finding immortality.

Other CK2 Immortality event IDs are:

Event NameID
Contemplating mortalityRIP.21000
Summon the councilRIP.21001
Advisor [sic] starts their searchRIP.21002
Dumb failRIP.21006
Fallback “neutral” option failRIP.21007
Chancellor sends back eventRIP.21008
Marshal sends back eventRIP.21009
Spymaster sends back eventRIP.21010
Chaplain sends back eventRIP.21011
Advisor searches for mystic after receiving answerRIP.21012
Advisor finds a mysticRIP.21013
If the advisor is dead, there is a chance of mystic appearing randomlyRIP.21021
A stranger appearsRIP.21014
Advisor finds nothingRIP.21017
Mystic is prompted to introduce themselvesRIP.21018
Mystic introduces themselvesRIP.21019
Mystic is prompted to start questRIP.21020
Diplomatic quest step 1 challengeRIP.21100
Diplomatic quest step 1 fail pingRIP.21101
Diplomatic quest step 1 failRIP.21102
Diplomatic quest step 1 success pingRIP.21103
Diplomatic quest step 1 successRIP.21104
Diplomatic quest step 1 -> 2 pingRIP.21105
Diplomatic quest step 2 challengeRIP.21110
Diplomatic quest step 2 fail pingRIP.21111
Diplomatic quest step 2 failRIP.21112
Diplomatic quest step 2 horrible failRIP.21116
Diplomatic quest step 2 success pingRIP.21113
Diplomatic quest step 2 successRIP.21114
Diplomatic quest step 2 -> 3 pingRIP.21115
Diplomatic quest step 3 challengeRIP.21120
Diplomatic quest step 3 bribe success pingRIP.21121
Diplomatic quest step 3 bribe successRIP.21122
Diplomatic quest step 3 speech success pingRIP.21123
Diplomatic quest step 3 speech successRIP.21124
Diplomatic quest step 3 bribe failureRIP.21125
Diplomatic quest step 3 speech failureRIP.21126
Martial quest step 1 challenge – IN HONOR OF THE ANCESTORRIP.21200
Martial quest step 1 fail pingRIP.21201
Martial quest step failRIP.21202
Martial quest step 1 success pingRIP.21203
Martial quest step 1 successRIP.21204
Martial quest step 1 -> 2 pingRIP.21205
Martial quest step 2 challenge SNAKE FIGHTRIP.21210
Martial quest step 2 fail pingRIP.21211
Martial quest step 2 fail /defensive styleRIP.21212
Martial quest step 2 horrible fail / tried to wring the snake’s neckRIP.21216
Martial quest step 2 success pingRIP.21213
Martial quest step 2 successRIP.21214
Martial quest step 2 -> 3 pingRIP.21215
Martial quest step 3 challenge – THE FINAL RITUALRIP.21220
Martial quest step 3 ghost success pingRIP.21221
Martial quest step 3 ghost successRIP.21222
Martial quest step 3 search success pingRIP.21223
Martial quest step 3 search successRIP.21224
Martial quest step 3 pinging the reincarnation characterRIP.21225
Martial quest step 3 reincarnation deathRIP.21226
Intrigue quest step 1 challengeRIP.21300
Intrigue quest step 1 fail pingRIP.21301
Intrigue quest step 1 failRIP.21302
Intrigue quest step 1 success pingRIP.21303
Intrigue quest step 1 successRIP.21304
Intrigue quest step 1 -> 2 pingRIP.21305
Intrigue quest step 2 challengeRIP.21310
Intrigue quest step 2 fail pingRIP.21311
Intrigue quest step 2 failRIP.21312
Intrigue quest step 2 horrible failRIP.21316
Intrigue quest step 2 success pingRIP.21313
Intrigue quest step 2 successRIP.21314
Intrigue quest step 2 -> 3 pingRIP.21315
Intrigue quest step 3 challengeRIP.21320
Intrigue quest step 3 ghost success pingRIP.21321
Intrigue quest step 3 ghost successRIP.21322
Intrigue quest step 3 search success pingRIP.21323
Intrigue quest step 3 search successRIP.21324
Intrigue quest step 3 ghost failureRIP.21325
Intrigue quest step 3 search failureRIP.21326
Learning quest step 1 challengeRIP.21400
Learning quest step 1 fail pingRIP.21401
Learning quest step 1 failRIP.21402
Learning quest step 1 success pingRIP.21403
Learning quest step 1 successRIP.21404
Learning quest step 1 -> 2 pingRIP.21405
Learning quest step 2 challengeRIP.21410
Learning quest step 2 fail pingRIP.21411
Learning quest step 2 failRIP.21412
Learning quest step 2 horrible failRIP.21416
Learning quest step 2 success pingRIP.21413
Learning quest step 2 successRIP.21414
Learning quest step 2 -> 3 pingRIP.21415
Learning quest step 3 challengeRIP.21420
Learning quest step 3 success pingRIP.21421
Learning quest step 3 successRIP.21422
Learning quest step 3 pinging the reincarnated characterRIP.21425
reincarnation deathRIP.21426
Learning quest step 3 failure and possessedRIP.21427
Investigation startsRIP.21500
Heir/relative/advisor voices concernsRIP.21501
Heir/relative/advisor finds out that mystic is fraudRIP.21502
You get notified that the mystic is a fraudRIP.21503
Investigator finds no proofRIP.21504
You get notified that Investigator finds no proofRIP.21505
Mystic discovers youRIP.21506
Mystic gives you ultimatumRIP.21507
Mystic escapesRIP.21508
You get notified of mystic escapeRIP.21509
Reincarnation eventRIP.21991

CK2 Immortality Event Chain Guide

CK2 Crusader Kings II Immortality Event Summon Council

The CK2 Immortality event chain will trigger when your character is either old or sick. You will now have to summon the council and start looking for a master to teach you immortality. Here is what to do:

  1. Check what your best stat is. It should be bigger than 20. (For this example, we will assume your character’s Martial is over 20)
  2. Make sure your councilor with the same corresponding category also has over 20 in their main stat. (So, Marshal should have over 20 Martial)
  3. Summon the Council.
  4. Select the councilor with the same corresponding category. (Select the Marshal to look)
  5. They will find a Mystic. The mystic should also have a relatively high stat (higher than 8) in the corresponding category. If they don’t they’re a fraud. 
  6. 1st Trial → Select the choice that costs the most.
  7. 2nd Trial → Doesn’t matter that much.
  8. 3rd Trial → Can only win if you and mystic have high stats in the chosen category.

If the structure of the event isn’t clear enough from this explanation, you can also check the table from before to better understand the order of the events.

And that is all you need to know about CK2’s Immortality Event ID. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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