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CK2 (Crusader Kings II): All Empires – Requirements and IDs

CK2 Crusader Kings II Roman Empire

There are just a couple of formable empires in Crusader Kings II (CK2) and there are many weird requirements and IDs for all of them. If you want to either see what empires you can find or how many kingdoms they incorporate, this is the right place. We have decided to make a full list of all the empires in CK2, their de jure kingdoms, and their respective IDs.

All Formable and De Jure Empires in CK2

CK2 Crusader Kings II De Jure Empires

There are 42 formable empires in CK2 by the players and AI. Some of them have peculiar requirements that they need before someone can make them, so make sure to look at them as well.

Here is the list of all the empires in CK2, in alphabetical order:

EmpireDe Jure KingdomsRequirementsIDAlternate names
AbyssiniaAbyssinia, NubiaKing of Egypt, Nubia and Abyssiniae_abyssinia
Arabian EmpireArabia, Jerusalem, Egypt, Syria, Yemen (& Israel)
769 only: Maghreb, Africa
Aztec EmpireN/AImpossible to create. Always exists once activated. If the Sunset Invasion DLC is active, it can show up somewhere on the Atlantic Coast between 1250 and 1350.e_mexikha
Bengal EmpireBengal, Bihar, Gondwana, Kamarupa, OrissaEmpire of India does not exist.e_bengal
BritanniaEngland, Ireland, Scotland, Walese_britanniaPrydain, Alba
Bulgaria936: Bulgaria, Wallachia
All other starts: None
Byzantine EmpireAnatolia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Epirus, Georgia, Greece, Serbia, Sicily, Thrace, Trebizond (& Amalfi, Cyprus, Saruhan, Trinacria, Tekke, Ottoman Turks, Rum, Mentese, Karaman, Germiyan, Eretnid, Aydin, Candar)Roman Empire does not exist. Latin empire does not exist. Must be Orthodox or Hellenic/Hellenic Reformed.e_byzantium
CarpathiaHungary, Wallachia, Croatiae_carpathia
ChagataiN/AImpossible to make. Exists if you start after 1227.e_chagatai
CordobaN/AImpossible to form. Only exists in the 936 start date.e_cordoba
Deccan EmpireAndhra, Karnata, Lanka, Maharastra, Tamilakam, TelinganaEmpire of India does not exist.e_deccan
FranciaAll starts: Aquitaine, France, Brittany, Burgundy
Additionally in 769: Frisia, Lotharingia
One kingdom title other than Aquitaine, France, Brittany, or Burgundye_franceGallia
Germania769: Bavaria, Carinthia, Germany, Saxony (& The Hansa)
All other starts: None
Only active for 769 start date. Not active for any other start date.e_germany
Golden HordeN/AImpossible to create. Always exists once activated. Exists if you start after 1227.e_golden_horde
HispaniaAll starts: Andalusia, Navarra
769 and 867: Asturias
from 769 to 1147: Badajoz
from 769 to 1212: Galicia, Valencia
from 1066: Aragon, Castille, León
from 1109: Portugal
No de jure kingdom is held by an infidel (with Holy Fury)e_spain
Holy Roman Empire769: None
All other starts: Bavaria, Carinthia, Frisia, Germany, Lotharingia (& The Hansa)
From 1066: Bohemia
Can only be created by special decisions.
867 and beyond: requires Catholic or Fraticelli religion, German or Dutch culture, neither the HRE nor the empire of Francia exist, the ruler be adult, not a prisoner, not Incapable, 1000 Prestige, 180 Realm Size, Kingdom of Germany and one other Kingdom title, and 2 years of wealth
769: requires Catholic or Fraticelli religion, not holding the Byzantine Empire, the ruler be adult, not a prisoner, not Incapable, 1000 Prestige, 220 Realm Size, holding the Kingdom of Italy or Empire of Italia, a Kingdom or Empire title within Francia, Germania, Britannia, or Hispania, no Christian holder of Francia, Germania, Britannia, or Hispania other than the ruler, 100 opinion with your religious head, and 2 years of wealth. It will inherit the coat of arms of the ruler’s previous primary title if it is an empire.
IlkhanateN/AImpossible to create. Always exists once activated. Exists if you start after 1227.e_il-khanate
IndiaN/A (Inherits everything in India region when formed)Activated and created by the “Become Samrat Chakravartin” decision. Rajastan, Bengal Empire, and Deccan Empire either do not exist or are held by you. Completely control the India region. 500 gold, 1000 prestige.e_india
ItaliaItaly, Romagna (Papal States in its place in most bookmarks), Sardinia and Corsica, Venice (& Genoa, Pisa, Naples).King of Sicily. (This requirement changes based on de jure drift. You must own all of the following kingdoms if not titular and not de jure Italia: Kingdoms of Sicily, Naples, Trinacria, Italy, Sardinia-Corsica, Romagna, Venice.)e_italy
Kanem-BornuHausaland, Kaneme_kanem
Latin EmpireN/ACatholic religion or Catholic heresy. Neither Byzantine Empire nor Roman Empire exists. Control Kaliopolis and Thrake.e_latin_empire
Maghreb769: none (titular)
All other starts: Africa, Maghreb
MaliGhana, Mali, Songhaye_mali
Mongol EmpireN/AActivated and created by the “Become Genghis Khan” decision. Must be a nomadic Mongol with 1500 prestige and control of 35 counties. Always exists once activated. Exists if you start between year 1206 and 1227. Almost certainly arrives in Mongolia between 1210 and 1218, if it doesn’t already exist.e_mongol_empire
Nicene EmpireN/AActivated and created if the Fourth Crusade is successful, replacing the Byzantine Empire title. Exists in start dates between 1204 and 1261.e_nicaea
OutremerN/A (inherits de jure land of ruler’s kingdoms in Near East region and de jure kingdom of Egypt if Egypt is fully controlled)Activated and created by the “Form an Empire of the Outremer” decision.
Requirements: 5000 prestige, Catholic or Fraticelli, not Byzantine/Roman/Holy Roman emperor, king or emperor title in Near East region, complete control of Near East region, County of Jerusalem in demesne.
Persian EmpireAl-Jazira, Daylam, Iraq, Kabulistan, Khorasan, Persia, Sistane_persiaParthicum
Pontic SteppeAlania, Crimea, Khazariae_pontic_steppe
RajasthanDelhi, Gujarat, Kosala, Malwa, Punjab, Rajputana, SindhEmpire of India does not exist.e_rajastan
Roman EmpireN/A (inherits de jure land of player’s main title when formed)Activated and created by the “Restore Roman Empire” decision. Requires Byzantine Empire, Legacy of Rome DLC, Christian religion, 3000 Prestige, full control of duchies of Latium, Venice, Ferrara, Sicily, Genoa, Capua, Apulia, Thrace, Antioch, Jerusalem, Alexandria, Athens, Tunisia and Croatia. With Holy Fury DLC there is also an option to revive Hellenism under a Greek, Italian or Roman Christian Emperor.e_roman_empire
RusChernigov, Galicia-Volhynia, Kievan Rus, Novgorod, Vladimire_russiaSuomi
RussiaN/A (inherits as de jure kingdoms of Galicia-Volhynia, Kievan Rus, Chernigov, Novgorod, Vladimir, Nenetsia, Perm, Volga Bulgaria, Khazaria, Alania and Crimea when formed)Activated and created by the “Form the Empire of Russia” decision.e_russian_empire
ScandinaviaDenmark, Estonia, Finland, Lapland, Norway, Swedene_scandinavia
Seljuk EmpireN/AImpossible to create. Seljuk can appear between 965 and 1200, and if he is successful forms this empire.e_seljuk_turks
Slavic UnionN/A (inherits as de jure kingdoms of Bohemia, Poland, Chernigov, Galicia-Volhynia, Kievan Rus, Novgorod, Vladimir and Pomerania if Pomerania is fully controlled)Activated and created by the “Form the Slavic Union” decision.
Requirements: 5000 prestige, king or emperor title, complete control of Bohemia, Poland, Chernigov, Galicia-Volhynia, Kievan Rus, Novgorod, Vladimir, culture must be one of Russian, Polish, Bohemian, Volhynian, Ilmenian, Severian, Pomeranian.
TartariaCumania, Mongolia, Sibire_tartaria
TibetGuge, Kashmir, Kham, Nepal, Yarlung, Xiae_tibetBodchenpo, Tufan, Tubo
TimuridsN/AImpossible to create. Timur can appear between 1350 and 1370, and if he is successful forms this empire.e_timurids
TuranKhotan, Oghuz, Transoxiana, Zhetysue_turkestanTurkestan
Volga-UralNenetsia, Perm, Volga Bulgariae_idel_ural
Wendish EmpireAll start dates: Lithuania, Poland, Pomerania
Additionally at 769 start: Bohemia
Additionally at 867 start: Bohemia, Great Moravia
Western ProtectorateN/AAlways exists as a Chinese tributary. Its Chinese Bureaucracy government type makes it unplayable, unless a Chinese pretender lost their rebellion and invaded the Western Protectorate instead. In games without , it is largely inactive although it still has a court, and only has a physical presence in 769 and from February 1227 onwards.e_china_west_governor

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