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Armored Core 6: How to Change Emblem

Armored Core 6 How to Change Emblem

Armored Core 6 heralds the triumphant return of a beloved franchise, developed by the renowned FromSoftware, creators of iconic titles like Dark Souls and Elden Ring. Emerging from a hiatus that began in 2013, this latest installment seeks to rekindle the ardor of fans who’ve eagerly awaited its revival. In the world of Armored Core, players step into the cockpit of a powerful mech, assuming the mantle of a battle-hardened mercenary. The game offers an astonishing array of customization options, allowing players to tailor their mechanical behemoth to their exact specifications meticulously. Among these features is the emblem customization system, a topic we’ll delve into in-depth in this guide, as it plays a pivotal role in personalizing your mechanized war machine and showcasing your unique identity on the battlefield. Here is how to change the emblem in Armored Core 6 and get the one that you actually want on your mech.

How to Change Emblem in Armored Core 6

In the dynamic world of Armored Core 6, personalization is key to standing out on the battlefield. One of the first customization options you’ll encounter is the emblem, a symbol that represents your identity as a mercenary pilot.

Changing your emblem is a straightforward process in Armored Core 6, and it all begins once you’ve successfully completed your inaugural mission and returned to the hangar.

Platform-Specific Controls:

  • PC: Press the “F” key.
  • Xbox: Press the “Y” button.
  • PlayStation: Press the “Triangle” button.

Once you’ve triggered the emblem change interface in Armored Core 6, you will be able to pick your emblem as you please. You can select from a range of options, including pre-set images and user-generated designs. These user-generated images can either be creations of your own or shared by the thriving Armored Core community.

The player can unlock more preset emblems the further along the campaign they go.

Image Editor for Custom Emblem in Armored Core 6

To access the image editor tool, the player must first navigate to the AC Design menu before being able to select the image editor. Here, the player can create their own original designs, upload their created works, or download ones created by the Armored Core 6 community to change their emblem to whatever they.

In creating emblems, the player is given a wide range of tools and customization to test their creativity though bear in mind that only premade images can be used while creating an emblem.

In the image editor tool, the player has the capacity to use as many as 128 layers and be uniquely able to intricately design their pieces. In total, the player should be able to create about 400 emblems for personal or community use.

When the player has completed their emblem, they may opt to share it with the community by pressing the F/Y/Triangle button to bring up the option to share.

Successfully sharing will require a connection to the internet and following the upload, the player will receive a Share ID that they can share with friends or the community to allow them to download the player’s created work. It should be noted at this point that only 20 images can be uploaded to the community.

In regards to importing images, simply proceed to the image editor tool and navigate to the downloads tab. Following this, the player is required to input a valid share ID in order to download but once this is done, the image should appear in the player’s library and be ready for usage or further editing.

Applying a Custom Image as Decal

In addition to changing the player’s emblem in Armored Core 6, the player may choose to apply any image (be it user-created, community-uploaded, or a premade one) as a decal to the various mech parts.

To do this, simply choose the AC Design menu and select the Decals command. Once in, the player should be able to see which parts they wish to apply the decal onto.

And that is all you need to know about how to change the Emblem in Armored Core 6. Check out other interesting Armored Core 6 guides and articles:

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