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Armored Core 6: Can You Get All OS Upgrades? Answered

Armored Core 6 Can You Get All OS Upgrades Answered

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon represents the latest evolution in the revered Armored Core franchise, crafted by the masterminds at FromSoftware. This mech shooter game places players in the cockpit of a formidable mech, adopting the role of a Raven, and grants them unparalleled freedom to tailor their mechanical behemoth to their exact specifications, a key facet of their identity as a mercenary, working in tandem with their handler. Among the myriad of customization options lies the intriguing prospect of upgrading the mech’s Operating System (OS) via the OS tuning menu. In this comprehensive article, we embark on a journey to determine the feasibility of unlocking all OS upgrades in a single, unbroken run in Armored Core 6, exploring the challenges and tactics that mech pilots must master to achieve this extraordinary feat within the Fires of Rubicon universe.

How OS Tuning and Chips Work in Armored Core 6

In Armored Core 6, the OS tuning feature emerges as a pivotal mechanic, enabling players to permanently enhance their Armored Core’s combat capabilities, whether focusing on offense or defense.

To enact these upgrades, players must amass the requisite OS chips, obtainable exclusively through Arena battles. However, it’s worth noting that recalibrating OS tuning, while feasible, comes at a significant cost.

Chapter 1 of the game serves as a comprehensive introduction to the Arena system and the fundamental role of OS chips. Following each Arena bout, players are rewarded with an OS chip, although this is a one-time occurrence and cannot be repeatedly farmed.

Nonetheless, the accompanying monetary reward for these encounters remains a viable source of income, fostering a strategic choice between immediate gains and long-term OS enhancements.

The OS Tuning system in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon offers a multifaceted approach to customization, encompassing four distinct categories:

  1. System Unlocks: This category delves into enhancements pertaining to combat mechanics, encompassing crucial elements such as boost kicks, weapon bay modifications, and precise weight control. These upgrades are instrumental in fine-tuning the core aspects of your mech’s combat prowess.
  2. Core Expansions: Within this category, players can choose to augment either the offensive or defensive facets of their armored core. These upgrades include enhancements to armor plating, which bolsters your mech’s resilience, as well as shield upgrades, fortifying your ability to withstand enemy assaults.
  3. Attack Control: For those who prefer specialization, Attack Control offers a means to optimize specific weapon types, enabling players to harness the full potential of their armaments.
  4. Damage Control: In contrast to the other categories, Damage Control focuses on fortifying your armored core’s defensive capabilities. While limited to two upgrades, these enhancements are pivotal in augmenting your mech’s survivability and resilience in the heat of battle.

Can You Get All OS Upgrades in Armored Core 6 in One Playthrough?

In essence, getting all OS upgrades in a single initial Armored Core 6 playthrough is impossible.

The maximum number of OS chips a player can amass during their inaugural run is capped at 96, a substantial deficit from the 197 required for a comprehensive upgrade spectrum. 

Yet, as seasoned players are well aware, there exists a strategic avenue to access every OS upgrade, and that avenue is none other than embarking on a New Game+ and New Game++ journey.

New Game+ and New Game++

In New Game+, the player is introduced to the Analysis mode which places the player and their armored core on a collision course with a group of stronger foes. This increased difficulty also comes with an increase in rewards and yes, that includes the aforementioned OS Chips.

Once the player manages to tackle the new arena opponents, they should notice that three more slots are unavailable. Yes, the game intends for you to finish the game again to unlock the New Game++.

After dispatching the remaining analysis mode opponents, the player should be able to acquire enough OS chips to fully unlock their mech. At this point, there is no more extra feature should the player perform another new game cycle.

And that is all you need to know about how to get all OS upgrades in Armored Core 6. Check out other interesting Armored Core 6 guides and articles:

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