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V Rising: How to Build Ancestral Forge

V Rising How to Build Ancestral Forge

In V Rising, there are a lot of ancient hidden secrets. Though you think you know everything, you might suddenly discover that there are new mechanics that you don’t understand yet. The Ancestral Forge is a special building that will allow you to deal with unique, legendary weapons in the game to become the most powerful vampire in the world. In this guide, we will show you the location where you can get the Ancestral Forge blueprint, explain how the building works, and how to build it in V Rising.

What is the Ancestral Forge and How Shattered Weapons Work

The Ancestral Forge in V Rising will allow you to reforge shattered weapons. Players can only obtain these shattered weapons randomly from high-level bosses.

Once you get one of these, you can place it inside the Ancestral Forge and use rare resources, such as Radium Alloy, to reforge them and start actually using them. Since these are unique weapons that can only be obtained through the Ancestral Forge, they will usually cost a lot.

How to Build the Ancestral Forge in V Rising – Blueprint Location

To build the Ancestral Forge in V Rising, you will first need to unlock its blueprint. You can get the blueprint for the Ancestral Forge by killing Raziel the Shepherd. This V Blood boss is level 57 and will spend all of his time at the Dunley Monastery.

Here is a map with the exact location of Raziel the Shepherd in V Rising. Once you have defeated him, you will gain access to the Ancestral Forge and the Jewelcrafting Table.

V Rising How to Build Ancestral Forge Raziel the Shepherd Location
Screenshot by Raider King

To actually build the Ancestral Forge in V Rising, you will need 1 Primal Blood Essence, 8 Radium Alloy, and Iron Ingots. To unlock Radium Alloy, you will also need to defeat Ziva the Engineer, a level 60 V Blood boss.

Place the Ancestral Forge in your Forge room and prepare to use a lot of high-level resources to get some legendary weapons. If you managed to get shattered weapons early in the game, just know that you will probably have to keep them in that state until you get strong enough to defeat level 60 V Blood bosses.

And that is all you need to know about how to get the Ancestral Forge in V Rising. Check out other interesting V Rising guides and articles:

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