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Turnip Boy Robs a Bank: How To Find All Pet Rocks

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank How to Find All Pet Rocks 1

The game “Turnip Boy Robs a Bank!” may not have as hilarious a name as its prequel “Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion!”, but it comes with several quality-of-life improvements. Turnip Boy needed better weapons to rob a bank successfully, so he acquired guns! The game’s story continues from where “Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion” ended, but you do not need to play the first game to enjoy this cute run-and-gun game. One of the new additions to the game is pet rocks, which Turnip Boy stumbles upon while robbing the bank. Once found, the pet rocks will be added to the Sad Pie hideout. In this guide we will show you how to find all pet rocks in Turnip Boy Robs a Bank. 

All Pet Rocks Locations in Turnip Boy Robs a Bank

An important aspect of this game is talking to the locals who occupy the bank. Some Foodfolk you may shake money out of, while others may offer side missions and useful information – or both! The pet rock quest begins when Turnip Boy meets Sad Pie. 

Sad Pie can be located in the elevators at random after beating the first boss Sargent Yehaw. After speaking to Sad Pie, you will start the “Rock, Rocks, and More Rocks” task.

Estate Extortion – Rock House Pet Rock

This task begins by talking to the Blueberry located in the bottom left of the Foodfolk Camp. She’s going to ask you to make sure someone is paying back their property loan.

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank How to Find All Pet Rocks
Screenshot by Raider King

Head back to the beginning of the Bank, and go to the very left of the foyer. The Acorn is located by the two elevator doors, bottom of the room, and past the four material cases. He does not have money but offers his scalp and tears…

Head back to Blueberry where she will sadly accept the “scalp” and give you the Rock House pet rock.

A Good Food – Stacked Rocks

This task begins in one of the normal elevator offices. Keep trying the elevator rooms until you stumble on Ravioli who is located in the first corridor on the left of the office room. 

So, walk straight then make a left past the desks to the first room you see and walk down. Here is where you will start the Good Food task.

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank How to Find All Pet Rocks 2
Screenshot by Raider King

To find the good food certificate players need to find Perogi. He is located in the dim room with the toxic spills and goblins. Perogie is standing alone to the left of the room highlighted green. Shake him up! Once shaken he will give you his birth certificate. 

Report back to Ravoli and he will give you the Stacked Rocks pet rock.

Scandalous Rock – Sculpted Rocks

This task starts after speaking to the dragonfruit located by the “Stinky Sucks!” crayon graffiti wall. He is going to ask you for something illegal…wood!

The wood dealer is located further in the game next to Stonkle. The blueberry standing by Stonkle deals with illegal substances and gives you wood to keep his business a secret. After returning to the Dragonfruit he will give you the rock pet Scuplted Rock.

Sell Your Soul – Big Lumpy Rock

Keep an eye out for an elevator that has a flame on it. Once inside, speak to DJ Sizile and he will ask you to mine souls. Interesting reference! He will also gift you a scythe. The only way to mine the souls is using the scythe so make sure to have it handy. 

Look for the door with the flames that show up at random and give the DJ the souls. He will return the favor by gifting the pet rock Big Lumpy Rock.

Hungry for Fruit – Smiley Rock

Make your way back to the lowlit goblin area again. To the right of the villa in the tent, you will find Gimblar. He is going to tell you he is done being a vegetarian.

 Dilitini suggests that instead of feeding him your kids, you find normal food and disguise it as fruit. 

There is a tree located in the top left corner of the campsite where Macro is and past the old food wall. Interact with the tree and you will receive a disguised normal blueberry as a Foodfolk. 

Give this to Gimblar and he will gift you the pet rock Smiley Rock.

Put a Ring on It – Trans-Rights Rock

To complete this quest you will need to finish the Blind Date task.

This task begins by talking to the two love birds Strawberry and the Florist blueberry located in the Foodfolk camp. The Florist explains she wants to put a ring on it and needs a huge jewel. 

The jewel is found after beating Mecha Chad, the second boss, and entering the Cryptic Crypt.

Once you’ve crossed the bridge of bones, beat the boss, keep going right, and head up once you reach the end of the hallway. Slash the books on your way to enter the home of Pomegranate, a vampiric fruit who loves to boast about his cape. He will tell you he is also in need of love. 

Luckily by this point, you should have met Cramgram who is the perfect suitor. Cramgram is located in the hellish Pentagram elevator. She will ask you to go back to Pomegranate with a picture she drew of him. 

Once you’ve returned to Pomegranate with Crangram’s drawing, he’ll reward you with a Ring Pop that counts as a jewel-encrusted ring. Head back to the Florist’s tent, and she’ll reward you with a Trans-Rights Pet Rock you can give the Sad Pie.

Blinded by Science – Geode Rock

In the haunted hallway, beyond the boney bridge, you’ll encounter Elderberry and vampire Pomegranet. And there you’ll also meet Buddy, the science carrot. 

Talk to Buddy and begin the task Blinded by Science. He wants to make a Frankenberry! The scientist is having a moral dilemma and asks for your help to find a thinker. 

Head to the Pitful Pit and defeat the boss Uncle Rigsby. Once defeated you will gain access to the purple key card rooms.

The Thinker is found next to Pomegranet and the crayon graffiti wall. He asks you if you need help thinking a thunk! After speaking to the Thinker he hands you a hilarious Based card to give to Buddy.

Make your way back to Buddy where he will give you the Geode pet rock. 

Sad Little Stonk – Stonkles Rock

Before leaving the goblin den make sure to talk to Stonkle located by where the food wall was destroyed. Mr. Sinky’s son Stonk asks you to put a picture he drew of his dad on a desk in Mr. Sinky’s office. 

This task can only be completed after unlocking the manhole located behind door #1.

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank How to Find All Pet Rocks 3
Screenshot by Raider King

The sewers can be tricky but the main goal is to keep heading right. After demolishing the rats, keep pushing forward picking the right sewer drawing after each rat battle. When you see the Old Man Lemon, you will know you are in the right spot. 

Talk to him then head into the purple door. Dilation refers to this room as “The Mother Load”! In this room, you will also find a gold ring needed for a task the Strawberry gives you.

Blow the front door open with C4 and enter the room. Place the picture down on Mr. Stinky’s desk and he will be surprised he has a kid… Yikes! Before leaving talk to Stinky. Do not forget to check the trunk that is highlighted green at the top of the room. 

Speak to Stonkle who will hand over the rock that resembles Mr. Stinky.

And that is all you need to know about how to find all pet rocks in Turnip Boy Robs a Bank. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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