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Turnip Boy Robs a Bank: All Photo Locations (Photography Student)

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank All Photo Locations (Photography Student)

As Turnip Boy has evolved from tax evasion to bank robberies, the side quests in the game also improve, with players having to scour the bank for special hidden items all over the place. In a task for Annie to collect and research the bizarre things happening in this old world bank, you will need to look for 11 photospots where you can snap pictures for your album. Collecting all of these photos will allow you to get the Photography student achievement and complete the Say Cheese! task. In this guide, we will show you where to find all photo locations in Turnip Boy Robs a Bank, allowing you to get the Photography student achievement.

All Photo Locations in Turnip Boy Robs a Bank

After completing a run through the bank, Turnip Boy will get a task from Annie where she asks him to find the secrets of the bank by taking photos of suspicious things.

For the Say Cheese task, players will have to keep an eye out for signs around the map with a white camera on them. These signs are called photospots and Turnip Boy can take a picture when he interacts with them.

There are 11 photo locations in Turnip Boy Robs a Bank, and here is exactly where you can find them all, complete the Say Cheese task, and get the Photography student achievement:

Fancy Foyer Photo – Destroying Public Property

You will find the first photo location in Turnip Boy Robs a Bank in the Fancy Foyer. As you progress through the area, you will stumble onto a big graffiti that says “Stinky.” You will also find Holo-Annie here, advising you to take a pic.

Approach the sign with the white camera with a green outline and interact with it to take a picture and start completing the Say Cheese task.

Central Courtyard Crangelica Photo – Turnip-chan

To get the Turnip-chan photo in Turnip Boy Robs a Bank, you will need to head to the Central Courtyard and get the A Manhwa for Meemah task from Crangelica. You can find her location just to the left of the transport in the courtyard.

After playing for a while, you are likely to see one of the elevators appear with a red pentagram on them. If you take the elevator, you will reach the Other Side, allowing you to give Crancran the Manhwa.

You will first need to head north into the cage/arena and win three rounds. Once you do, Crancran will finally talk to you. Go back to Crangelica and complete the task, getting the Turnip-chan photo.

Seed Stock Cryptid Photo – Rock Candy

This is the second photo you can only get if you complete a task first. However, this time, you will need to complete two tasks. The first one is the Cardboard Collector task for the Carrot in the western part of the Seed Stock, the location west of the Central Courtyard.

Once you purchase a Cardboard Box from the Dark Web and you bring it back to the Carrot, you will gain access to a new area to the north, where you can talk to Cryptid Hunter Extraordinaires.

You will get a task to purchase another item from the Dark Web and bring it back to them. Once you do, you will get the Rock Candy photo.

Failed Festival Photo – Cool Stain Glass

To the north of the location where you found the Cryptid Hunter Extraordinaires, you will find the Failed Festival location, where the Candy Apple boss is sleeping. After winning the boss fight, you can walk to the northeast to find a photo location, next to three pumpkins.

Dark Dock Photo 1 – Creepy Portrait

The two photos in the Dark Dock, north of Central Courtyard, will be some of the most annoying ones to find. The location of the first photo in the Dark Dock is in the top right corner of the map.

Players should be able to find this one relatively easily, since it is completely illuminated. It looks like an altar, with a portrait and the picture sign in the middle of the light.

Dark Dock Photo 2 – Crying Anime

The location of the second photo in the Dark Dock, the Crying Anime, is hiding in the darkness, right in between the Creepy Portrait and the Foodfolk to the right.

Just carefully explore the space between them and you should see a sign, to the right of the barrel we’re showing in the image below. There are two barrels there next to the wall, and the sign is to the left of the first barrel.

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank All Photo Locations (Photography Student) Dark Dock Photo 2 - Crying Anime
Screenshot by Raider King

Cryptic Crypt Photo 1 – How Are You Still Alive

The next two photo locations in Turnip Boy Robs a Bank are in the Cryptic Crypt, the area you will access after defeating Mecha-Chad in the Dark Dock. Follow the purple carpet until you have to choose between going up or down. Go up.

Follow the path and you will reach a room with a piano. In the bottom right corner, you will find a new photo location.

Cryptic Crypt Photo 2 – Home

Go to the southern region of the Cryptic Crypt and you will reach a location where you will have to build a bridge. After building it, follow the path to the south and you will see the photo sign in the way, you can’t really miss it.

Soupy Sewers Photo – Oh God

As you explore the Soupy Sewers, you will find a Blueberry that will talk about some controversy that you don’t know anything about. Go through the wall to the right of him, to the north, and you will reach a secret room.

To the right inside the room you will find another photo location in Turnip Boy Robs a Bank and probably one of the worst jumpscares ever.

Seed Stock Strawberry & Florist Photo – The Big Proposal

Relatively early on in the game you will get the Put a Ring on it task from the Florist in the Seed Stock. However, you will only get your hands on the ring very late in the game.

At the end of the Soupy Sewers, players will find the Mysterious Motherlode location, where the Golden Ring can be found. This is the ring you will need to bring back to Strawberry to get the Big Proposal photo.

Mysterious Motherlode Photo – Me and Dad

At the end of the Mysterious Motherlode you will find the room where Stinky is hiding. After talking to him, you can open up the case to the north of him which has the Me and Dad photo and Don’s Fedora.

And that is all you need to know about all photo locations in Turnip Boy Robs a Bank. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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