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Sand Land’s Second Trailer Showcases Its Post-Apocalyptic World

Sandland Trailer Showcases Its Post-Apocalyptic World

Video game publisher Bandai Namco has just released the second trailer for their video game adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s critically acclaimed 2000s manga Sand Land.

This second trailer places emphasis on the game’s story and world, which has been savaged by natural disasters over the past fifty years, covering the world in a large desert.

The game’s premise will see players take control of a young demon prince named Beelzebub as you team up with a human sheriff named Rao to find a legendary spring filled with water in this sandy wasteland.

During your travels across the wasteland, you’ll come across many enemies who want the spring for themselves. The trailer shows the player fighting against makeshift tanks in Rao’s own vehicle to progress.

Outside of vehicle combat, the trailer also gives a look at Beelzebub’s hand-to-hand combat as we see the player fighting against a group of muscular men in the desert.

We’re then given a glimpse at a boss fight against a large flying vehicle that belongs to the game’s antagonists: the Royal Army before quickly transitioning into a montage of the various vehicles the player will be able to drive.

These vehicles include a tank just like the ones enemies have been using, a bi-pedal walking machine that can fire missiles, a fast-moving jeep, and a rotund-looking robot that can punch enemy vehicles.

This action montage then transitions to another story montage that showcases various plot beats that the player can expect from the game. Such as Beelzebub bringing food to an enemy to make peace and Rao crying to himself in the desert for reasons currently unknown.

The trailer then ends with the game’s logo and the promise that more information is coming soon. Sand Land currently has no set release date, but it will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC via Steam at some date in the future.

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