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Persona 3 Reload: Nozomi Social Link Guide

Persona 3 Reload: Nozomi Social Link

Persona 3 is filled with some of the best Social Links in the entire Persona franchise, but also some of the strangest. Perhaps there is no stranger Social Link than that of Nozomi Suemitsu’s. This Social Link has you interact with a self proclaimed “Gourmet King” who loves nothing more than eating food, before getting sucked into joining a doomsday cult of course. While this Social Link has less choices to make than others in the game, that also results in each choice opportunity mattering more. If you want the maximum amount of points, here is a guide for the Persona 3 Reload Nozomi Social Link!

Nozomi Social Link in Persona 3 Reload

Nozomi can be found hanging around the Iwatodai Mall on most days of the week. Before you can start his Social Link you’ll first need to raise your Charm social stat to level 2. After you gain his attention, he’ll give you a quiz about the mall before you can begin his social link.

The questions and answers for this quiz are as follows:

Q1: “What’s the most popular drink at the Cafe over there?”

A: Pheromone Coffee

Q2: “What color skirt does Azuki Arai’s mascot, Azuki-chan, wear?”

A: Red

Q3: “What item is on the secret menu at Hagakure?”

A: Hagakure Bowl

After answering the questions, Nozomi will have one final request before you can begin his Social Link. You’ll need to bring him an Odd Morsel item from Tartarus.

Once he eats the odd morsel, the Social Link can finally begin. Because no choices you make during the first rank effect your relationship with Nozomi, this guide will begin at Rank 2.

Rank 2

“Well? Would you wanna be… my younger brother?”

  • Sure, why not. (+3)
  • Not really, no (+0)

Rank 3

“So? Do you “get me,” hm? Who am I? Go on, I wanna hear it come out of your mouth!”

  • Nozomi Suemitsu (+0)
  • The Gourmet King (+3)

Rank 4

“Whew… That was way too close. If that toilet was just a bit further away… ohhhh, boy “

  • Did you eat too much? (+0)
  • Are you feeling sick? (+3)

Rank 5


  • That’s right (+3)
  • Sorry, what? (+0)

Rank 6

“I don’t get it. I was fine until a minute ago, then suddenly I felt sick…”

  • Does this happen a lot? (+0)
  • Did you eat too much? (+0)
  • Are you sick? (+3)

Rank 7

“Well? Did that just blow your mind?”

  • Yeah, I’m freaking out. (+0)
  • Not really (+0)
  • The world is ending? (+0)

“Not to mention you’ll get a discount since I’ll be referring you, too. You are one lucky guy!”

  • >That’s insane! (+0)
  • >No way I’m paying that. (+0)

Rank 8

“Look at me! I’m paper-thin now!”

  • You do look thinner. (+0)
  • No, you’re not. (+3)

Rank 9

Nozomi’s rank 9 is unique among social links. Every choice here will be negative and you’ll even be scared by an homage to the original game’s Reverse Social Link mechanic. Fear not though, you will advance to Rank 9 as planned.

Rank 10

“But I couldn’t even cry. I actually felt… relieved. I thought, “Maybe they’ll all finally stop laughing at me.”

  • That’s terrible. (+0)
  • That’s understandable (+0)

“But if I keep this up, I’ll never be able to replace my brother, will I?”

  • Just be yourself (+3)
  • You’re irreplaceable (+3)

And that’s all you need to know about the Nozomi Social Link in Persona 3 Reload . Check out other interesting Persona 3 Reload guides and articles

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