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Persona 3 Reload: Mutatsu Social Link Guide

Persona 3 Reload: Mutatsu Social Link Guide

The Social Links in Persona 3 introduced gamers to some of the most iconic and memorable characters in gaming. One of the most iconic Social Links in this game is that of Mutatsu. This man is a Buddhist monk who spends his evening smoking and drinking at Club Escapade, with a unique concept like that. How could you not want to do his social link? Of course, picking the correct options while he rants about how much his life sucks can be difficult. If you are having some trouble, here is a guide for the Persona 3 Reload Mutatsu Social Link!

Mutatsu Social Link in Persona 3 Reload

To start Mutatsu’s Social Link you’ll first need to reach Rank 4 in Yuko’s social link and then talk to her in the afternoon. After learning about Muntatsu from her, go to Club Escapade at night and you’ll find him.

Before you can begin his social link though, you’ll need to bring him a drink. Before you can get his drink though, you’ll need to deliver drinks to everyone else in the club in the following order.

  1. Margarita
  2. Bloody Mary
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Oolong Tea

Once you deliver all of the drinks, the Social Link will begin. Because no choices you make during the first rank of the Social Link effects your relationship with Mutatsu, this guide will begin at Rank 2

Rank 2

“What’cha doin’ here today, kid?”

  • I came to see you, old man. (+0)
  • None of your business (+3)

“You don’t have to revere me, but at least show some proper respect.”

  • How should I address you? (+1)
  • Show respect? (+0)

Rank 3

“How come you’re always alone when I see ya? Don’tcha have any friends?”

  • I can’t say I don’t (+0)
  • I don’t have any friends (+3)

Rank 4

“You should cut it. No, better yet, shave it all off… Give the bald look a try.

  • Yeah, that might look cool. (+3)
  • Yeah, I dunno. (+0)

Rank 5

“High school kids don’t have much money, do they? At least, I never gave much to my son.”

  • I have enough (+1)
  • I’m not NOT struggling (+0)

“…And I mean somethin’ you can buy with money. Not some crap like “love” or “a sense of humor.”

  • Yes (+1)
  • No (+3)

Rank 6

“Ugh… I’m in bad shape…”

  • Are you okay? (+0)
  • You should go home (+3)

“It’s always in times like these… ah… when It’s hardest to be alone…”

  • You live by yourself? (+0)
  • Do you have any coworkers (+1)

Rank 7

“…Hey! There’s a microphone over there. Bring it over, kid! I’ll perform a live sutra reading.”

  • Really? (+0)
  • You probably shouldn’t… (+3)

Rank 8

“Didn’t Dad tell you not to do that, huh?”

  • Dad? (+3)
  • Ut’s my first time hearing it (+1)
  • ……(+0)

“Where the hell were ya wanderin’ around? Iss late!”

  • I was with a friend (+1)
  • I was studying (+0)
  • None of your business (+1)

“I wonder if they felt the same way I did, when I was waiting for you earlier…”

  • Who’re “they”? (+0)
  • What’re you talking about? (+0)

“…Now when I go home, I don’t know what to do with myself, so I just come here and drink every night.”

  • Do you miss your family? (+0)
  • Are you running away? (+1)

Rank 9

“I’m workin’ memorial service after memorial service 24/7, as if my little temple was some kinda convenience store…”

  • Why not take a break? (+1)
  • Poor men know no leisure (+1)

“I’ve been drinkin’ too much lately… Makin’ a fool of myself like I did the other day.”

  • Hang in there (+1)
  • Time to retire (+1)

“Whaddaya think?” 

  • What’s it about? (+1)
  • I don’t really care. (+1)

Rank 10

There is only a single choice in Mutatsu’s Rank 10 and both options will reward you with 3 points. So just sit back and enjoy seeing how this drunk old monk has developed over the course of your friendship with him.

And that’s all you need to know about the Mutatsu Social Link in Persona 3 Reload. Check out other interesting Persona 3 Reload guides and articles.

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