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Persona 3 Reload: Bunkichi Social Link Guide

Persona 3 Reload: Kenji Social Link Guide

Persona 3 Reload is filled to the brim with some of the most iconic Social Links in the franchise. Because this game will be most player’s first experience with them, they mad have some difficulties. Most social link conversations from Persona 3 in particular would have a single correct choice alongside two answers that would reward no points. Not getting enough points in a Social Link conversation can result in you wasting days of time trying to regain said points. If you don’t want to fall down this time wasting cycle, here are the answers for the Bunkichi Social Link in Persona 3 Reload. 

Bunkichi Social Link in Persona 3 Reload

Bunkichi’s social link become available near the beginning of the game. During the first month you will hear a rumor in school about a bookstore in the Iwatodai Station Strip Mall. Visit the bookstore and you will automatically begin the first rank of Bunkichi’s social link.

Because no choices made during the Social Link’s first rank will effect your relationship with Bunkichi, this guide will begin at Rank 2. In addition to this, each rank up will reward you with a small HP healing item!

Rank 2

“What was your name again?”

  • [Your name] (+1)
  • …… (+0)

“Someone gave them to me, but I have more than enough. Go ahead and take it.”

  • Thank you (+3)
  • I’m okay, thanks (+0)

“We have so many, my wife and I would take forever to finish them all.”

  • I’d like that. (+0)
  • No, thank you (+0)

“He should be here helping customers… Sorry about that”

  • Boy? (+0)
  • No need to apologize (+0)

“Oh, my dear, he’s…”

  • He’s what? (+0)
  • What’s this about?” (+0)

Rank 3

“I don’t see it anywhere…”

  • Looking for something? (+1)
  • Cleaning the store? (+0)

“I’m looking for my glasses- er, not my glasses, my wallet! I can’t seem to find it…

  • >Best of luck (+0)
  • >Can I help? (+3)

At this point during the Rank 3, Bebe will show up, allowing you to do his social link later. None of the choices you make when Bebe shows up will effect your relationship with Bunkichi

Rank 4

“My wife just headed out to Gekkoukan”

  • I should go too. (+3)
  • I’ll wait here (+3)

“The… The… The tree…”

  • What’s wrong? (+0)
  • Tree? (+0)

“Do you know anything about this?”

  • No, I don’t (+0)
  • I’m worried (+1)

Rank 5

“We’ve been feeling a bit guilty for troubling you about the persimmon tree…”

  • I wouldn’t worry about it. (+1)
  • What tree? (+0)

“Why now? Why do they want to cut it down now…?”

  • Cheer up (+1)
  • It’ll be okay (+1)

Rank 6

“If we lose that tree… it would be like losing our son all over again…”

  • You’re worrying too much (+0)
  • Please don’t fight (+3)

“Unfortunately, that just reminded my dear of the pain we felt the day our son died…”

  • Cheer up (+0)
  • I’m sure it’ll be okay (+0)

Rank 7


  • What happened (+1)
  • Are you fighting again? (+0)

“They say the tree is a memorial to their former teacher… They don’t want it to be cut down.”

  • The Tree? A memorial? (+0)
  • That’s great. (+1)

“You must be the one who called on them for this, right?” 

  • No. (+1)
  • That’s right. (+1)
  • What are you talking about (+0)

Rank 8

“Who do you think it was? Here’s a hint: signature.”

  • A petitioner? (+1)
  • A fan of yours? (+1)

“He’s already gathered a number of signatures from students who were in our son’s class!”

  • That’s great. (+0)
  • That’s amazing. (+0)

“I have to tell my son the good news!”

  • Sure, let’s go. (+3)
  • Right now? (+0)

Rank 9

“What, is that surprising? I’m actually quite the net surfer, you know!”

  • What does the letter say? (+1)
  • Why a letter? (+1)

“Are you curious about the letter? Excited, perhaps? Even exhilarated?”

  • Excited. (+0)
  • Exhilarated. (+0)

Rank 10

Bunkichi is sleep talking. Looks like he’s taking a nap

  • Take a closer look. (+0)
  • leave him be. (+0)

“It’s the middle of the day, but I feel awfully sleepy…”

  • What matter? (+0)
  • Why are you relieved (+0)

We asked them to go ahead and cut the persimmon tree down.”

  • But…why? (+3)
  • Oh well (+0)

He was a teacher, after all!

  • That’s true. (+0)
  • Are you really sure? (+0)

And that’s all you need to know about the Bunkichi Social Link in Persona 3 Reload . Check out other interesting Persona 3 Reload guides and articles

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