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Mount and Blade: Warband – All Cheats

Mount and Blade Army

There are many ways to play Mount and Blade: Warband. You can be a merchant, you can be a mercenary, or you can even be a king! However, sometimes, there is just too much effort in doing things the right way. The game can get quite hard, the battles long, and traveling along Calradia can take months. So, nobody would judge you for using a little help along the way. These are all the cheats that you can use in Mount and Blade: Warband.

All Cheats in Mount and Blade: Warband

Mount and Blade Enable Cheats

Activating Cheats

Before we get into the list, here is how to activate cheats for Mount and Blade: Warband:

  1. Open the Game Launcher
  2. Open the Configure tab
  3. Click the Game option
  4. Check the Enable Cheats box

Once that is done, you will be able to use different cheats for different circumstances. Some are used while in the map mode, some are used during battles.

Here are all the cheats in Mount and Blade: Warband:

Battle Cheats

Ctrl+HHeals your character.
Ctrl+Shift+HRefills your horse’s health.
Ctrl+F4Delivers blunt damage to a random enemy.
Ctrl+Shift+F4Delivers blunt damage to all enemies. 
Ctrl+Alt+F4Delivers blunt damage to all enemies. 
Ctrl+F6Delivers blunt damage to a random ally.
Ctrl+Shift+F6Delivers blunt damage to all allies.
Ctrl+F5AI takes control of the player character. You can command yourself with the party command keys.
Ctrl+F3Delivers blunt damage to the player character.
Ctrl+F9Toggles slow motion.
Ctrl+F11Freezes time.

Non-Battle Cheats

Ctrl+XGives you 1000 experience points while on the character screen.
Ctrl+XGives a selected soldier 100 experience points while on the party screen.
Ctrl+XGives 1000 denars while on the inventory screen.
Ctrl+WGives you 10 points to each Weapon Proficiency while on the character screen.
Ctrl+Left ClickTeleports the party to the cursor (when on the map screen).
Ctrl+TLets you see all parties and tracks on the map screen.
Ctrl+LAutomatic level up. Warning: Do not level past 62.

And that is all you need to know about cheats in Mount and Blade: Warband. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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