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Medieval Dynasty: Sambor Quest – Find the Owl

Medieval Dynasty Find the Owl

You are slowly but surely doing the Medieval Dynasty main quest, Uniegost’s Story, and Sambor has just told you that an owl is destroying any chance for him to sleep. Day, afternoon, night, it does not matter, the owl is hooting left and right like there is no tomorrow. You managed to get through the hard Ida riddles, so this is going to be a breeze. So, it is time for you to find the owl and help Sambor in Medieval Dynasty get over his sleepless nights. Here is how you can simply find its location.

Where to Find the Owl in Medieval Dynasty

Behind Sambor’s house, occasional hoots can be heard here and there in between the bushes that should guide you toward the owl.

To properly find the owl in Medieval Dynasty, make sure to look down, not up. The owl is not in a tree, it is actually located in a bush, about 5 meters (~15 feet) from Sambor’s house. Don’t go too far, and make sure to listen to the sounds to get closer and closer to the bird.

The owl is very tall, so it can’t be missed if you find the bush it is hiding in.

After you’ve dealt with the owl, all you need to do is to go back and talk to Sambor. Afterward, just wait a day and come back to Sambor for Uniegost’s Story IV. For this one, you will need to gather 1000 logs, which is a whole different story.

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