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Medieval Dynasty – Wolrad’s 1000 Logs Quest

Medieval Dynasty 1000 Logs Quest Completion

Wolrad was just telling you the beautiful story about your uncle and Uniegost, and, in the middle of it, he decides that his wolf problem needs some fixing and with a palisade made of one thousand logs. And, he needs you to get them. Now, by this point in the game, you should know that carrying even 100 logs in your inventory should be impossible. Now, here is how you can complete Wolrad’s 1000 logs quest in Medieval Dynasty.

How to Complete Wolrad’s 1000 Logs Quest in Medieval Dynasty

So, in theory, you would need to cut down around 500 trees to get enough logs for Wolrad. However, there is no easy way to carry all of the 1000 logs back to him.

If you think about what you’ve heard during the many, long stories during Uniegost’s quest, you would realize that Wolrad is renowned for his pranks and petty behavior. Since it is impossible to collect and deliver 1000 logs for this Medieval Dynasty quest, you just have to go back to him and confront him again.

This time, he will say that he actually just wants you to kill his old cow and give up on the 1000 logs task. You will now have to talk to his wife and either convince her to not kill the cow, or just get on with it. The faster, easier method for this part of the quest would be to just kill the cow. Wolrad won’t be ecstatic about it, but if you don’t kill it, you need to bring 30 pieces of meat to the man instead.

You will learn about Kestrel and almost get to the final part of the Uniegost saga. Just remember to get a Potion of Sobriety before meeting Kestrel, since you wouldn’t want to walk all the way back to her later…

What Happens if You Actually Bring 1000 Logs

If you actually somehow bring 1000 logs to Wolrad, he will say that you are insane, take all the logs from you, and you will get +1000 Dynasty Reputation.

And that is all you need to know about how to complete the 1000 logs quest in Medieval Dynasty. Check out other interesting Medieval Dynasty guides, news, and articles:

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wolrad lives in the first house so drop off the logs in bunches you can carry. It helps to have a resource storage really close. Don’t talk to him until you have all 1000 in your inventory.