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Medieval Dynasty – How to Make/Get Fertilizer

Medieval Dynasty Craft Fertilizer

In Medieval Dynasty you have many goals and achievements you can fulfill. One of the tasks that are satisfying and will reward you with amazing buildings and animals is the farming side of the game. To properly farm in Medieval Dynasty you need a ton of Fertilizer to properly set up your fields before putting the seeds in. However, Fertilizer is a very expensive and rare resource that players would rather craft at their homestead. So, here is how you can make (or get) fertilizer in Medieval Dynasty to grow the best crops in the valley.

Get Fertilizer by Buying It in Medieval Dynasty

There are two ways you can get Fertilizer in Medieval Dynasty:

  • Buy it.
  • Craft it.

When it comes to buying it, all you need to do is find a specific trader that will provide you with this resource every year. One piece of Fertilizer will cost around 7 coins, which is huge considering you need at least a dozen of them per season.

3 traders can provide you with Fertilizer year-round. These are the farming items traders, and they can be found in:

  • Gostovia (Edwin)
  • Denica (Dagobert)
  • Rolnica (Nadar)

They all like to work in the barn of their respective village.

Make Fertilizer in Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty Craft Make Fertilizer

To craft fertilizer in Medieval Dynasty you first need to build a barn. You will unlock the barn at level 10 farming technology. You can get there by just making fields and clearing them with a hoe, without putting Fertilizer in them.

In the barn, you will see a workbench where you can start crafting Fertilizer. Players need either 2 Manure or 10 Rot to make it. You can get Rot by letting food, well, rot, and you can get Manure by either buying it or getting yourself some pigs.

Buying Manure might be a more profitable venture than buying Fertilizer directly, since a piece of Manure costs around 2 coins. You can buy Manure from Pig, Donkey, and Horse traders.

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