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Medieval Dynasty – How to Make/Get Potion of Sobriety

Medieval Dynasty Kestrel Potion of Sobriety

Uniegost’s quest is a great way to explore Medieval Dynasty’s valley, get through fun riddles, and get to know what each village has to offer. However, this mission will sometimes send you on fairytale chases that are either very hard to achieve or you need special information to finish them. You just found Kestrel and she needs a Potion of Sobriety, however, you need a really high level in Survival to even think about crafting it. Here is how you can get/buy the Potion of Sobriety in Medieval Dynasty, and how you can even craft it yourself.

Get/Buy Potion of Sobriety in Medieval Dynasty (Locations)

Medieval Dynasty Buy Potion of Sobriety

There are two places/locations where you can get/buy the Potion of Sobriety in Medieval Dynasty:

  • Baranica
  • Rolnica

In both of these locations, you need to talk to the herbalist and pay around 70 coins to get it.

If you are lucky, also keep an eye out for fallen carts, since they have potions in them very often and you can get a Potion of Sobriety that way as well. However, that is not a surefire way to do this.

You can also, on the other hand, craft it:

Make a Potion of Sobriety in Medieval Dynasty

To craft a Potion of Sobriety you first need to reach Survival technology level 2500 and then buy the schematic for 550 coins. If you think about it, if you only need the potion for the quest, it would be better to just run over to one of the two villages.

You can craft the potion in the Herbalist’s Hut and you will only need 1 Clay Vial, 2 Daisy, 2 Thistle, and 1 Bucket of Water.

By using a Potion of Sobriety, you can lower intoxication by 20%. This can be really useful on the field if you usually use a lot of potions or alcohol.

And that is all you need to know about getting a Potion of Sobriety in Medieval Dynasty. Check out other interesting Medieval Dynasty guides, news, and articles:

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