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Medieval Dynasty: How to Make a Rabbit Trap

Medieval Dynasty How to make and set a rabbit trap

At the beginning of your Medieval Dynasty playthrough, one of your easiest sources of food would be a rabbit. However, running around and throwing sticks at one wouldn’t be extremely efficient. This is why you will need to make a trap to catch it passively. But, which part of the building menu actually allows you to do this? Well, in this guide, we will show you exactly how to make a rabbit trap in Medieval Dynasty.

How to Make a Rabbit Trap in Medieval Dynasty

To make a rabbit trap in Medieval Dynasty, you will need to open up the crafting menu by pressing either “Q” on your keyboard or RB on your controller.

Medieval Dynasty How to make a rabbit trap

Once the crafting menu is opened, go to the right and open the Furniture & Decorations crafting category.

Now, hover over to the left and you will find the Traps category. Open it up and in the lower left part of the circle you will find the Rabbit Trap.

Medieval Dynasty How to make a rabbit trap crafting menu

You will need 10 Sticks to craft it, which should be incredibly easy to loot from nearby bushes.

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How to Set a Rabbit Trap in Medieval Dynasty

After you’ve selected to craft/make the rabbit trap, you can place it anywhere around your house or settlement.

The location where you place your rabbit trap does not matter. You will now have to wait and do something else for a while.

After some time has passed, if you check the trap again you will most likely find some meat and leather in the trap.

You can tell the trap worked if you see on your compass (at the top of the screen) an image with a bunny in the trap when you look at your rabbit trap. The image is normally a bunny that is running from the trap.

And that is all you need to know about how to make and set a rabbit trap in Medieval Dynasty. Check out other interesting Medieval Dynasty guides and articles:

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