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Is Patch Quest Coming to the Switch? Answered

Patch Quest Nintendo Switch

After 7 years of development, Patch Quest is out and the fans are loving it. With booming sales on Steam, one might expect this monster taming roguelike game to become available on other platforms as well. Checking in on what the developers are saying, it seems that they wouldn’t be opposed to the possibility. So, the question is, will Patch Quest come to the Nintendo Switch? You can find the answer below.

Will Patch Quest Be Available on Switch?

The questions about Patch Quest’s availability on Switch are everywhere on the Discord server and Steam community. Everyone wants to play Patch Quest on the Nintendo Switch. However, it seems that it is more of a question of the budget rather than of desire.

The main developer for Patch Quest stated on the official Discord that they “want to launch on switch but it really depends on how many steam sales there are.” After the launch, however, they mentioned that “It’s ultimately Curve’s decision, they need to do budget planning and such things. But so far the launch has been exceeding expectations, so let’s hope.”

So, the future of Patch Quest is resting on the shoulders of the publisher, as the developers are hoping the game will also get released on different platforms. Right now it is not clear if Patch Quest will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but the Steam release has been very successful and it seems like it is just a matter of time now.

Patch Quest is a monster taming roguelike game where you capture powerful pets and use them to fight other monsters. This is also a bullet-hell chaos game where the enemies will bombard the players with relentless attacks. It is very easy to lose and very satisfying to win.

And that is all you need to know about a Nintendo Switch port for Patch Quest. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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