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Gundam Evolution Revived by Private Fan Servers

Gundam Evolution Revived by Private Fan Servers

Four months ago, Bandai Namco’s short-lived Overwatch-clone Gundam Evolution was unceremoniously shut down, breaking the hearts of many fans. This shutdown has caused some loyal Gundam fans to take efforts into their own hands and create private servers for the game!

The Gundam Evolution fan group Side 7 has been quietly working on ways that players can continue playing the game for the past few months and on March 28, 2024, they opened it to the public: a private fan server patch.

These private servers, which do NOT use any of Bandai Namco’s source code and thus fall into a legal gray zone, will allow players to once again suit up in their favorite mobile suits (or Guntank) and take to the battlefield against other players.

Upon patching their game, users will have access to the following features via the new private servers:

  • Ability to customize in-game settings and key binds
  • Ability to customize mobile suits
  • Practice Range
  • Training Mode
  • Custom Lobbies
  • Profile Customization
  • Friends
  • Voice Chat
  • Text Chat
  • Rejoining a match after crashing

As these fan servers are limited in functionality, not every feature from Gundam Evolution will be available. The following features will NOT be accessible via the Private Servers at this time:

  • Casual Queue
  • Competitive Queue
  • Career Stats
  • Achievements

Now it should be noted that Side 7 is a small fan team and while they are expecting a high player volume, you may need to wait in a queue before being able to use the servers. It’s just the nature of fan projects.

The patch and installation guide got Side 7’s Gundam Evolution private servers can be found and downloaded on their official Discord server. Upon releasing the server patch, the Side 7 team uploaded a fan-made trailer for it that can be watched below on the YouTube channel of one of their members.

Based in Pennsylvania, USA, Skeith has been a gamer for over two decades now and has decided to take pen to paper about it. Capable of playing games at incredible speeds, you can rely on them to write about them in record time.
Skeith Ruch
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