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Foamstars Adds Coiff Guy in Season 2

Foamstars Adds Coiff Guy in Season 2

On the morning of February 26, 2024, video game publisher Square Enix released a trailer for the second season of Toylogic’s 4v4 team-based shooter: Foamstars. This trailer highlights what changes players can expect from the game in the coming months.

The trailer of course begins by showing off the new character who all season pass purchasers will be able to play as: “Coiff Guy!” From the trailer, Coiff Guy appears to be a wrestler of some kind. His special skills involve him spreading foam in a circle around him as he performs various poses.

The new Extreme Party being added alongside Coiff Guy, the “All Coif Guy Party” will be breaking the game’s 1 character per team rule as all 8 players will get to play as Coiff Guy at once! Creating a true foamy wrestling rumble.

Another new Extreme Party to be added in season 2 of the game will be the Super Duel Party, in this mode, players will fight 1v1 against each other in a small arena. Whoever defeats their opponent 5 times first will claim victory!

Alongside the new PvP modes, the game’s PvE mode will also be expanded with new missions. As a new boss enemy known as the Dark Ramzey approaches the city, players will need to work together to defeat it!

Foamstars Adds Coiff Guy in Season 2
Image via Square Enix

And like any modern multiplayer game, Foamstars will of course be adding several new costume skins to the game during this season, such as a stylish black dress for Melt T among other things.

Foamstars Adds Coiff Guy in Season 2
Image via Square Enix

Season 2 of Fomastars, titled Groovy Disco, will launch on March 8, 2024, at 5 PM PST and will last until April 13, 2024. More details about the season can be read on Square Enix’s website.

Foamstars is currently available to purchase for PlayStation 4 and 5, for the last remaining week of February the game will be free for all PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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