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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s Shocking Kingdom Hearts Easter Egg

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's Shocking Kingdom Hearts Easter Egg

Players of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth have been greeted with a game that truly respects the history of Final Fantasy, with many side quests and areas of the game featuring homages and easter eggs to the franchise’s past. Shockingly enough, the game pays tribute to another Square franchise as one cutscene in the game hides a Kingdom Hearts easter egg.

While Kingdom Hearts has always been happy to homage to Final Fantasy with crossover characters, various attack names, and a reference to Ramuh; Final Fantasy in contrast has rarely acknowledged its sister series. With the one exception being a DLC to World of Final Fantasy which is no longer available for purchase.

During the ninth chapter of the game “The Planet Stirs” you will once again have an encounter with the Turks’ latest and greatest recruit Elena. Earlier in the game she was demanding some ice cream and during this cutscene, we see that Rude brought her some!

Eagle-eyed Kingdom Hearts fans were immediately able to notice the exact flavor of ice cream she was eating of course. As it was an iconic bright blue bar of Sea Salt Ice Cream from Kingdom Hearts!

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's Shocking Kingdom Hearts Easter Egg
Screenshot by Raider King

Originating in Kingdom Hearts 2 as the favorite ice cream of both Roxas Ansem the Wise, this flavor of ice cream quickly became one of the most visually recognizable parts of the franchise, especially after seeing Roxas and Xion eat it hundreds of times in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Culminating in the famous line “Who else will I have Ice Cream with?”

This quick blink and you’ll miss it reference to Kingdom Hearts may be small, but it’s always cool to see the franchise be referenced in other Square Enix works. Final Fantasy VII fans can only hope that Kingdom Hearts 4 returns the favor by bringing back the traditional Sephiroth super boss.

And that’s all you need to know in about the Kingdom Hearts Easter Egg in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Check out other interesting Final Fantasy VII Rebirth guides and articles.

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