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Enderal: Forgotten Stories – Wishing Well Locations (Lost Hearts Quest)

Enderal Wishing Well Locations

You might have stumbled by accident into a well that just started talking out of nowhere. Don’t worry, this is just a fun little quest where you have to feed wells! Players may use this article to locate every Wishing Well from the Enderal: Forgotten Stories Lost Hearts quest. As soon as you locate your first well, the adventure will begin. Most players will just leave this quest to rot in their log for ages. However, if you are one of the chosen ones that want to solve this, we got what you want. We have included the locations (maps), puzzles, their solutions, and prizes for each decision for every Wishing Well in Enderal.

Every Wishing Well Location in Enderal

Wishing Well: Deepdigger’s Gouge

Enderal Wishing Well Deepdigger's Gouge

From Deepdigger’s Gouge go to the right (south) and follow path. The well is on the right side of the path.
Trapped in the light, Sunk in the stone, I shall last forever, Yet cold and aolne. My jags, they are broken, My star pale and void, My laughter has ceased, I will shine no more. Bring my heart back to me.
Broken Soul Gem
Location of Broken Soul Gem:

  • Destroyed Abbey, Library – Once you enter Library, go to the right and through door. Broken Soul Gem is on the table.
  • Entropist mage with it on the Island near Lighthouse of Firerock
  • Entropist mage with it in Northwind Mine
  • Entropist mage with it in Old Darkesh
  • Entropist mage with it in Old Myrad Hall, Quarters
  • Found in backpack in Kynea Grotto
WealthEndralean penny coin(s) (1000)
Knowledge1 memory point
An artifactBlueprint: Black Widow’s Elegy (Damage: 42 *, Weight: 10, Value: 662, Description: Does 13 * points of frost damage to Health and Stamina.)

To craft Black Widow’s Elegy you need: 2 Leather Strips, 75 Spare Parts, 5 Shadow Steel Ingot, Black Soul Gem (filled), 10 Moonstone Ingot.

Enderal Wishing Well: Goldenforest

Enderal Wishing Well Goldenforest Location

Go left from Hermit Cave and follow the coast line until you see huge statue on the left. After that go west (there is a sand road) until you see 4 pillars. The well is on the left side.
The skin made of cloth, the body too small, and though I have eyes I have always been blind. Bring my heart back to me.
Location of Doll:
Hardest to find. From Mossy Mod Pit go directly south. After that go up the stairs, go left of the fallen tree and jump over tree root. The Doll is in the backpack behind skeleton.

An artifactBow of the Mad Hermit (Damage: 25 *, Weight: 8, Value: 370, Description: Does 12 * points of fire damage. Hit targets start burning and take damage over time.)
WealthEndralean penny coin(s) (750)
Knowledge7 learning points

Wishing Well: Powder Desert

Enderal Wishing Well Powder Desert Location

Go north from Soul Bed. When you see sign post, go right (arrow pointing toward Silvergrove). The well is on the right side.
Ancient times upon her face Shining in the sun’s golden light, The fruit of this earth, the holds in her hands, A gown made of riches caresses her legs. Bring my heart back to me.
Golden Statue
Location of Golden Statue:
You can get it by killing Ishmartep in Old Ishmartep.

A powerful artifact!Deathsinger (Damage: 11 *, Weight: 5, Value: 290)
WealthEndralean penny coin(s) (1500)
Knowledge1 memory point

Enderal Wishing Well: Sun Coast

Enderal Wishing Well Sun Coast Location

From Old Farm House go south. It’s really close to the house itself.
A golden chalice, A grass-colored stone, Bring me back this, So I shan’t be alone. Bring my heart back to me.
Golden Goblet and Emerald
Location of Golden Goblet and Emerald:
Golden Goblet:

  • Ark: Bank
  • Ark: Dal Geyss’ Estate
  • Ark: Gaboff’s Premium Wares
  • Ark: The Dancing Nomad
  • Ark: The Fat Leoran
  • Frostcliff Tavern
  • Sun Temple: Emporium
  • Sun Temple: Treasury.


  • Ark: Dal Geyss’ Estate
  • Ark: Bank
  • Ark: Family Crypt of the Dal´Marak
  • Ark: Keltyzar
  • Ark: Vyn 11 1.
WealthEndralean penny coin(s) (550)
An artifactAmulet of the Meadow Spirits (Legendary) [Armor: 0, Weight: 1, Value: 1516, Description: Rhetoric is 17% better.]
Knowledge4 learning points

And that is all you need to know about the Wishing Well locations for the Lost Hearts quest in Enderal. Check out other interesting RPG guides and articles:

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